On July 31st, 2016 the votes/pledges were counted and the results were a 98% yes vote, over $1.6 million  pledged in cash and approximately $300,000 pledged in goods & services!

To address our current challenges and position ourselves for future growth, we will be adding approximately 25,000 sq. ft. that will house a new Children’s Ministry Center with larger elementary and preschool auditoriums, classrooms, nursery, mothers room, larger check-in and pick-up area and all much more conveniently located. It will also include a new kitchen and pantry, enlarged lobby and additional restrooms.

We will add a storage building, make minor modifications to current children’s wing, complete needed roofing repairs, repaint exterior and make a number of needed improvements or repairs on the existing facility.

We have set a budget not to exceed $3.0 million for this project. Deer Flat has been debt free for 14 years and our goal and desire would be to be debt free by 2020.

We will keep you posted of updates and pictures on this page.

pledges and receipts


September 15

It has taken a lot of time and work to get this project going, but things are now moving at a great pace.  This week we have foundations being dug and poured, plumbers laying underground work, and a new 135 ’x 35’ x 15’ seepage bed and drain system put in place (you may have seen the mountain of dirt to the south!).  Our building should begin to arrive on site in the next week or two.  Once the underground work is done, the concrete floor will be poured.  It then has to cure for about 10 days before we can begin to erect the building.  We hope to begin erection 2nd or 3rd week of October.  There will continue to be some space used in the northwest parking lot over the next few weeks, so parking will continue to be a bit challenging.  Please continue to pray for the overall project and specifically that we are able to get the various contractors on the job as needed to keep the job moving at a steady pace.  Thanks for your ongoing support of this project!