On July 31st, 2016 the votes/pledges were counted and the results were a 98% yes vote, over $1.6 million  pledged in cash and approximately $300,000 pledged in goods & services!

To address our current challenges and position ourselves for future growth, we will be adding approximately 25,000 sq. ft. that will house a new Children’s Ministry Center with larger elementary and preschool auditoriums, classrooms, nursery, mothers room, larger check-in and pick-up area and all much more conveniently located. It will also include a new kitchen and pantry, enlarged lobby and additional restrooms.

We will add a storage building, make minor modifications to current children’s wing, complete needed roofing repairs, repaint exterior and make a number of needed improvements or repairs on the existing facility.

We have set a budget not to exceed $3.0 million for this project. Deer Flat has been debt free for 14 years and our goal and desire would be to be debt free by 2020.

We will keep you posted of updates and pictures on this page.

building fund


August 9

We are getting so close! We have a small number of things that have to be done and we hope to get a final next week.

As of June 30th we have received almost $1.2 million of the $1.7 million pledged.  This means that we should not exceed $1.5 million on our loan balance.  Our payoff goal was aggressive and we hope to pay for the entire cost within 3 years.  It will take approximately $87,000 per month to pay this off by the end of 2019.  We will make the monthly payments out of the operation budget and apply all building funds directly to the principal to help us achieve this goal as quickly as possible.  This may seem unachievable, but nothing is with God’s help!

Mark your calendars to join us on August 26th at 10:30 am for the dedication service of our expansion!

The Team

It will take many sub contractors and volunteers to complete this project.  So far we have been very fortunate to have great companies/employees on the job.  Each of them have provide a great product/service.  Some have offered ideas to cut costs and/or produce better results.  If you stop by during the week, please tell them thank you.  We will try to keep this section up to date with the names of the companies and volunteers helping us.

Companies Donating Goods/Services

A.M.E. Electric
Custom Glass
- Windows/Entry Doors
Fillmore Custom Builders - Install Steel Building/Siding
Timberline Surveying
Upson Company - Roofing
Western Building Supply - Doors/Hardware/Bathroom Fixtures
TS Enterprises - Painting

Companies Discounting Goods/Services

Fire Sentry Systems - Fire Alarm System
NeUdesign Architecture
Northwest Interiors - Framing, Insulation, Acoustical
Norbryhn Equipment Company - HVAC Equipment
R&M Steel - Steel Building
Dennis Osborne - Concrete disposal, dirt removal

All Other Companies

Alternative Wastewater Systems - Septic/Storm Drains
Fulcher Engineering
Heating Equipment Company
Inslemann Plumbing
Nampa Floors & Interiors
Paul Tucker Concrete
Pearman Contracting
- Excavation
Rock Solid Civil Engineering
SPF Water Engineering
Treasure Valley Fire Protection - Fire Sprinkler
Western Building Supply - Doors/Hardware/Bathroom Fixtures
Dennis Osborne - Concrete disposal, dirt removal

Also, a BIG THANKS to our army of volunteers helping in various areas of construction, providing snacks and lunches for crews and more!



2020 Vision - New Construction
2020 Vision - Existing Facility
2020 Vision - Storage Shed