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As Resurrection Sunday draws near, we begin to think a bit more about Holy Week.  It’s interesting that this particular week is referred to as a “moveable feast” which means that they are holidays that occur on the same day of the week each year but doesn’t fall on a fixed date such as July 4th.  Let’s catch up with Jesus for a few minutes…

 It’s Wednesday of Holy Week and the past several days have been a rush of tension and anger for Jesus’s opponents—and of unflinching resolve for Jesus. Words have been his currency, and he’s spent piles of them. But on the Wednesday before his death, Jesus is still. 

He is in the home of Simon the Leper, a man known by what’s wrong with him. During their meal together, Mary of Bethany—Lazarus’s sister comes to Jesus with an alabaster flask of perfume. She’s been saving this perfume, worth a year’s wages, for this exact occasion. She begins pouring it on Jesus’s head and feet, which requires breaking open the container. Somewhat like popping the cork on a $20,000 bottle of champagne, this was a deliberate act. She is offering Jesus everything she has. By giving her most valuable possession to him, she is expressing her knowledge that what he’s about to give of himself is for her. 

What Mary does is beautiful, and Jesus wants everyone to know it. She is preparing him for burial. There is honor and kindness in her gesture. Jesus returns the honor by saying history will never forget her act of beauty. And we haven’t.  Then, it’s…


The Thursday prior to Jesus’s crucifixion fills many pages in Scripture. It begins with John and Peter securing the upper room. There, Jesus washes his disciples’ feet, explaining he is there to make them clean. 

As they begin to eat, Jesus announces one of them is about to betray him. Each wonders if he means them. Then he dispatches Judas to do what he intends.

During this last supper, Jesus sets apart the Passover bread and cup and reassigns—or better, perfects—their meaning. The bread is his body. The cup, his blood. This meal will no longer remind them of God’s deliverance primarily from the external tyranny of Pharaoh, but from the internal tyranny of their own guilt and sin against God.

Jesus prays for his friends and those who will come to know him through them—that his Father would make them one. Then Jesus and his friends leave for the Mount of Olives to pray. But he isn’t there only to pray. He is also there to wait. Soon a line of torches snake their way toward him in the darkness. This is what he has been waiting for.

 We’re going to walk with Jesus again this Sunday as He makes is way into the Valley of the Shadow, and I can’t wait to see you.  Come expecting to have a fresh encounter with the Living Christ!  (For a full account of the events, see Mt. 26; Mk. 14; Lk. 22; Jn. 13-18)

 A few closing thoughts:

·         Caldwell Prayer Walk Saturday at 3 pm - We’ve been talking about prayer throughout the month of March.  Here’s a great opportunity to walk and talk with the Lord as you pray for Caldwell, the city, the people, the issues, the needs, and the leaders.  Starts at 3 pm at Memorial Park – Kimball st. band shell.

·         Due to Eggstravaganza on Saturday morning the 20th – there will be NO Coffee Talk with Jerri.

·         Meet me and a group of others for prayer Sunday mornings in the Prayer Room at 9 a.m. as we intercede for the worship services and the people who are coming through the doors.

 Loving You and Him,

 Pastor D

Pastor Dave McGarrah