Hello Deer Flat Family,


We’ve arrived at one of the great times of the year at Deer Flat – JULY!  It’s midway through the summer and its full of great events and great celebration.  This Sunday we get a chance to rejoice and give lots of thanks to God for what He’s been up to over the past year.


I can’t wait to tell you about the many different ways that we have seen God at work providing, blessings, answering, protecting, healing and ministering to the people of Deer Flat. I hate to admit it, but I think we’re a bit spoiled.  I only wish that all the churches of the Treasure Valley were able to enjoy the same blessings from God as we do.


Beyond this, we will be able to enjoy an OPEN HOUSE in the new Children’s Ministry Center. We still have a few loose ends to wrap up, but the new wing is 99.7% complete and we want to make it available to everyone to see and enjoy.  The children are going to be in a significant and safe environment, strategically located within moments from their family members. This building has been constructed with many safety and security measures, as well as technology that will serve it well in the years to come.  Our Administrator, Rick Day, along with the assistance of Pastor Phil Whitbeck, have given tremendous oversight of the project.  You’ll hear so much more about it as we gather together this Sunday.

If you happen to know of a young family that you live around or work with, this is the perfect time to invite them to Deer Flat.  Never underestimate the power of an invitation, especially when it comes the people who have children.  The Children’s Ministry at Deer Flat is outstanding.  We intentionally do everything we can to make Sunday Morning the most desired and exciting day of the week for children.  We want the kids to nag the parents – forget the “strong urging” and go straight to the nagging – so that Mom and Dad will load them up and deliver them to Julie and her tremendous team of Volunteers and Staff.  We want to do all we can to expose them to Jesus while they are young, and then invest in them through the remainder of their growing up years, until we are sending World Changers out into our world.

This Sunday we’re back on track with our regular schedule of 9:30 and 11:00 am. Come expecting an outstanding time at The Church That Sits In The Field of Dreams!  I LOVE MY CHURCH!

All For Jesus,

Pastor D

Pastor Dave McGarrah