An Amazing Lord’s Day Awaits You This Weekend At Deer Flat Church

Hey Deer Flat Family,

 A few quick items worth your time – if you’re so inclined…

 #1. An Unusual Sunday – The month of December around Deer Flat includes a variety of “out of the norm” Sundays.  As you know, last weekend we presented the Christmas Musical and Drama, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  A couple thousand people walked through our doors, and what a wonderful opportunity for them to experience life at Deer Flat Church.  Thanks for inviting your friend!  I so enjoyed meeting so many new people, most of them being your friends.  You guys always do a tremendous job reaching out and inviting others.

            Here’s what this Sunday looks like…

            1st Hour – 9:30 a.m.  We’ll enjoy a solid morning of worship and time in the Word.  We’re going to be looking at the Christmas Story from Heaven’s perspective. This is going to be a great hour for us.  We will be streaming first hour this week.

            2nd Hour – 11:00 a.m.   Our CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, which is always awesome, will be presented.  So, join us first hour and then plan to stay for an amazing performance by the kids during the second hour.

 #2. An Unusual Opportunity – Tuesday evening, December 18th there will be an outstanding CUFI event with the speaker being Danny Tirza.  This is the amazing Israeli who was tasked with the responsibility of building the security wall in Israel.  This is an amazing story.  I’ve had the privilege of meeting Danny several times, toured with him in Israel, hosted him at Deer Flat, and found him to be an amazing person.  He will be speaking at the CHABAD SYNAGOGUE in Boise at 7 p.m.  The synagogue is located on Maple Grove, just south of Overland.  This is one of those events you’ll not want to miss.  I believe he will also be speaking about the recent Hezbollah tunnels discovered and destroyed on the Israel-Lebanon border.  It will be an evening where we can also bless our Jewish friends at their synagogue.

 #3. Something Worth Your Consideration – With the year end quickly approaching, I’d like to encourage you to consider helping us close out the year as strong as possible financially.  December is a pretty aggressive month in our budget. This will enable us to not only finish the year strong, but will also help us stay on track with our plan to wipe out the debt on our Building Project.   Thank you for your generosity and your faithfulness in helping meet the needs month after month.  There’s no way we could do what we do without you.  December is our largest budget month.  $242,000 is budgeted for the month, and currently we have received $46,000.  Let’s be faithful on our end, and watch what God does on His end.

 I can’t wait to see you this Sunday.  You are the greatest flock that any Pastor could shepherd!

Pastor D 

PS-Laura McCafferty just had a precious baby girl the other morning, ended up with complications & in the hospital yesterday. Let’s bless this wonderful family with meals while she recovers!

Pastor Dave McGarrah