Hello Deer Flat Family,

Things are going crazy here at the expansion project.  Everyone is working hard to get this building done as soon as possible.  Here is a current list of what we have recently completed and what is currently being worked on:

  • Half of the building is now textured and painted
  • The ceiling grid-work will soon be complete in all the painted rooms
  • Doors and trim are being painted
  • We have lights and power in almost half of the building
  • Tile is being installed in the kitchen, followed by the installation of equipment
  • We will begin installing tile in the restrooms next week
  • The new parking lot is complete
  • The old parking lot will be patched, resealed and restriped soon
  • We have received chairs, tables and benches for the rooms
  • Carpet will be installed in the nursery next week
  • The eventual grass and playground areas are being graded and prepared
  • We will soon be competing the final step in the septic system update
  • The sprinkler work in the old building is nearing completion
  • Flooring for the rest of the building will begin arriving in mid May and should all be on site by the end of the month
  • We are now using the new vestibule entry for most events.  The office door we have been using as the main point of entry will no longer be open.  We are required to return the doors from the office to the lobby back to a single door prior to receiving our occupancy permit and will begin this as soon as possible.

If all goes as planned we should be able to move in sometime in mid to late June!

I cannot help but say this at every possible opportunity.  None of what is happening is possible without you.  Your support, prayers, service and financial donations make this possible.  Thanks to those who have helped in a variety of different ways and those who have been providing snacks, beverages and meals to our construction crews.  They have been very, very appreciative and we have had one new family begin to attend as well as several others who have visited.  Of course we all know that nothing we do is important if God is not in it and all evidence is that He is!

At this point we continue to be on or below budget in most areas.  Our original budget goal was $3.0 million, but as I have mention before, we had the added cost of the requirement to add sprinklers to the old parts of the building.  Although I cannot yet put final numbers out, I can say that in addition to staying within our budget we have had significant donations of goods/services by Deer Flat members who have played major roles in the construction.  In the end this will lower the net amount of cash required!

As of this moment, we have received almost $1,150,000 to the building fund.  The original pledges were $1.7 million and in addition we have received donations from many who did not make an initial pledge!

I ask for prayer during these final weeks for things to go smoothly, products to show as scheduled, workers tol be kept safe and for the workers in general.

Thanks for all you do for the Kingdom

Rick Day
Executive Administrator

Rick Day