In just 12 days the NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER event is happening.  What a great chance to make a difference…if you believe in prayer.  The scripture directs us to pray, and the scripture gives us a thorough list of things that we could and should remember in our prayers, such as…

·         Pray For Unity In America – Maybe like me, you’ve never seen our nation more divided.  Let’s do something about it, by calling on the Name of the Lord.  Ephesians 4:3

·         Pray For Unity In The Church of America – The need for God’s Church to stay strong, biblically based and full of life is an absolute as we face an uncertain future. Pray that the Gospel will continue to be preached with passion and love. 1 Cor. 1:10

·         Pray For Unity That We Agree Clearly, Unite Visibly, and Pray Extraordinarily For The Next Great Spiritual Awakening In America.  Acts 1:14

·         Pray For Those In Authority Over Us – Our President, His Cabinet, Senators and Congressmen, Supreme Court.  Our Governor, State Legislative Leaders and Upcoming Elections.  Pray for our local Mayors, City Counsels, County Commissioners and Judges.

·         Pray For The Salvation Of The Masses – There are yet so many who still need to come to know Christ and His amazing love!

·         Pray For The Unborn Who Are In Jeopardy of Not Being Carried Full Term – This is still a big issue on God’s heart.

This is really an incredible opportunity to pull together, along with others churches in Caldwell and the surrounding area.  This year’s event will take place MAY 3rd, 12:00 NOON OUTSIDE OF THE CANYON COUNTY COURT HOUSE.  We’ve been given full permission to hold a prayer meeting outside of the courthouse, which I think is a great opportunity.

Why not get this on your calendar right now?  Why not set aside a half hour lunch time and join us?  Why not set aside a full hour and join a group of intercessors as each of these issues and more are lifted to the God of heaven,  who still hears and answers prayer! This is one of those opportunities to invite others.  This is one of those moments we all desire when we wonder if our lives are making any kind of difference.

I have HUGE confidence in the prayers of the Deer Flat Flock.  Let’s go mobile and make some serious noise outside of the courthouse as we pray together.

Tomorrow is going to be another tremendous Lord’s Day at Deer Flat.  I can’t wait to see you!

Loving You and Loving Him,

Pastor D

Rick Day