If a product or service is going to make it for the long run, it must continue to meet a real need.  This is seen in some of the great companies of old. Do you remember Blockbuster? At one time, Blockbuster dominated the home video rental market. While studios reportedly tried to sell video cassettes for as much as $75, Blockbuster charged a low rental fee. But by 1994, Blockbuster was struggling along with the entertainment industry, when box office ticket sales dropped by 2%. The company failed to move into online distribution, and was later outpaced by Netflix, which began both mail and digital streaming services, taking away the bulk of Blockbuster’s business.
Isn’t this premise true for the Church as well? The Church must continue to find a way to serve a real need if it wants to have a future! If Blockbuster serves as just one example of 1,000’s of great companies (Woolworth, Polaroid, Pan Am, Toys R Us, etc.) that couldn’t stand the test of time, the Church had better be paying close attention. 
I’m not suggesting any major changes are needed but I do believe these general principles apply and are worth noting.  Let’s be honest, the Church really has an amazing story… Much like a Timex watch, the Church has taken a licking but keeps on ticking! So, what has been the secret sauce of the 2,000-year-old Church?  Well, we know everything evolves at some level, even the church. Just think how different (music, clothing, size, etc.) it has transformed over your lifetime. Yet with all the changes that the church has experienced, one thing has remained the same… it’s message! Ever since those boys gathered in the Upper Room (Acts 2), they’ve been telling the same old story of Jesus.
You see, the real need that everyone shares is Jesus, and the Church has been and will continue to be the best at delivering this message.  I’m convinced that the moment we take the message of Jesus out, we have just discovered the demise of the Church!  Our take away today is this, we must never forget why we do what we do, and we must never be too proud to adjust along the way so we can keep the main thing the main thing!
This Sunday is our last chance to worship together in 2018, let’s do it as a single service at 10:30am!

See you soon!

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Pastor Ryan Stoops