Dear Church Family,

 As I mapped out my week this week, I planned to see the move UNPLANNED.  What I didn’t plan for is the impact that it would have on me. As you know, if there’s a topic that can quickly divide a group of people, it’s the topic of abortion.  We live in a world polarized on this issue.  Abortion is a sensitive topic because it deals with the quality and rights of two individual lives – housed, for a time, in the same body.

 I’ll quickly underscore why I am taking the time to raise this highly charged and political issue.  When political issues intersect with the Bible, I talk about it.  Abortion is one of those issues.  I strongly encourage you to see this movie!  They originally scheduled it for 1 day only, however, they have decided to hold it over for a few more days. 

 This movie is not easy to watch, and I would NOT recommend that you take your children to it.  It shows the inside story of abortion, the function of the Planned Parenthood operation, and the devastation of the lives involved.  It’s based on a true story and it is well worth the time, especially with this issue being such a big issue.

 While UNPLANNED is heart gripping, it is also filled with compassion toward the many women who have made this decision.  It exposes the warped counseling that women are being given while they are trying to make a difficult decision.

 Unfortunately for the church, there are times when—in defense of the infant—we forget about the mother. Many abortions are driven by fear and lack of resources. Though the pregnancy may have begun as the result of a poor decision, this does not mean we ignore the needs of frightened mothers unsure of their next step. Just as we have compassion for the life of the infant, we’ve got to have compassion for the soul of its mother.

 Unwanted and illegitimate pregnancies have always been a topic of shame in society. One woman bore this shame from a very young age, and likely wore it as a “scarlet letter” for the rest of her life. Her name was Mary.  This reminds us of the importance of loving people.  Check out the UNPLANNED movie trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBLWpKbC3ww

 This Sunday, as we wrap up our series on The Power of a Praying Church, I want us to spend a bit of time considering the Bible’s admonition to “be devoted to prayer.”  It’s a fascinating piece and I think it will inspire us to better our prayer life in some very practical ways.  I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU THIS SUNDAY AT DEER FLAT CHURCH!

 Loving You and Him… Pastor D

Pastor Dave McGarrah