We’ve all had good intentions and we’re quite well acquainted with what they are, and what they don’t really do.  One of the best examples of good intentions, in a variety of ways, is the U.S. Government.  Back in 1981 President Ronald Reagan remarked,

            “Many of these programs may have come from a good heart, but not all have come from a clear head – and the costs have been staggering.  We can be compassionate about human needs without being complacent about budget extravagance.”

 Those remarks were made in regards to the Federal Entitlement Program.  What was intended to be a meaningful and effective way of helping people who need it through no fault of their own, got clouded and turned into a monster.  Good intentions for sure.

If we judged everything by intentions rather than results, the world would be a strange place indeed. If, for example, Steve never calls his mother on her birthday, but he always means to, isn't he still a wonderful son?

That goes for government as well: If we judged laws only according to what their sponsors intended, then every law and every program that has ever been enacted has been an unqualified success. After all, nobody intends for things to go wrong—right?

 It’s really hard to fault anyone who has good intentions, but the reality is that they can create more harm than good.  The Psalmist contends, “Without delay I hurry to obey your commands”  (Psalm 119:60 GNT)  I love what Oswald Chambers says about it,

“One step forward in obedience is worth years of study about it.”

 Many times our good intentions hold us back from the action that we know needs to be taken.  It causes a pause in the determination to obey what we know is good and best and right for us. The cost of obedience is nothing compared with the cost of disobedience.

 We’re going to be talking about this during October.  I’m looking forward to seeing you this Sunday.  Come expecting a great day.  Come with a responsive heart and a teachable spirit. And, why not think about inviting a friend to come with you.  You’re going to love THE LORD’S DAY at Deer Flat Church!

 I can’t wait to see you!  Loving You and Him,

 Pastor D

 PS – Don’t let your good intentions hold you back from actually showing up!

Pastor Dave McGarrah