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This Sunday is going to be the best! Every year we take the time to look at what God has been doing at Deer Flat.  It’s a chance for us to give thanks to God for His amazing blessings, to see many of the things that have been accomplished and consider our future. I think it's important for the church to be reminded of the power and purpose that God intends for the Bride of Christ.

 You’re going to have a chance to hear the story of Deer Flat and see what our partnership with God over the years has produced. In the book of Acts it underscores the devotion of the early church and those core things that made the church so dynamic. In light of this, we get to talk the vision, mission, purpose, goals, and health of our church.

 Unlike our Nation that appears to be so divided it’s great to know that the Deer Flat family is blessed with such unity.  This is one of the biggest contributions that enables us to do what we do.

 You’re going to love hearing about what has transpired over the past year.  There’s no shortage of things to rejoice over.  This is one of those Sunday’s that would be perfect to include someone who is looking for a church family.  So, why not reach out and include someone who might like to know more about Deer Flat Church.

 On a second note, let me tell you about a special opportunity to enjoy a very special guest that will be with us Friday evening and Saturday morning, July 19-20.  Dorice Horenstein will be at Deer Flat. She will be speaking about,  "Chambers of Our Hearts".

Friday evening will be a Shabbat dinner with teaching by Dorice.  Because a meal is involved, you must reserve your seat for a $20 donation. You can sign up at the Welcome Center over the next few weeks.
Saturday Morning from 9 until 12, Dorice will speak again. Everyone is welcome
An offering will be taken. For More information, just contact Jerri at
Dorice will speaking about the beauty and mystery of the Hebrew language down to the meaning of the letters and numbers. She brings the words to life for us as we find God speaking in the hidden places. We invite you to join us for an amazing journey of finding the deep wellspring of His Living Word! Her books will be available for purchase before and after each session.

 One last thing… With summer camps in full swing and our people leaving soon for Belize, along with many families traveling on vacation, let’s keep our Church Family in our prayers!  You guys are the best!  I can’t wait to see you this Sunday.

 All For Jesus,

 Pastor D

Pastor Dave McGarrah