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If you knew this was the last week you had left, what would you do?  Would it be a one week attempt to rectify all the wrongs you’ve ever done?  Would your last week be spent attempting to checkoff as many of your bucket list items as possible?  Or, would you finish off your last bit of time continuing the status quo?

 I’m guessing you are like me; the latter is not likely, and you’d want to make your last week count.  And, as intentional as God has been throughout history, I can’t imagine that He would have been any less purposeful with His last week.  So, for the next two weeks as we begin to enter the Easter season, we will take a closer look at the Last Week of Christ and observe some of his final words, actions, and intentions.  Who knows, maybe His last week wasn’t just a coincidence of events.  Maybe He was living on purpose?!

This is going to be a great month to invite a friend to join you in our Deer Flat Easter celebration! 

 I’ll see you this morning,


Pastor Ryan Stoops