Hey Deer Flat Family,

I wanted to catch you for a few minutes and share with you what is happening in the lives of the McGarrah’s. After years of putting it off, I finally gave in to the request to, “Come to Rwanda and invest in our Pastor’s.” I have drug my feet for five years. I succumbed last year by saying, “Maybe I could do it next year.” Well, next year is here.

Monday morning, Jer and I will hit the skies and head to Africa. Most of you know that the needs in Africa are great. Only around 5% of Rwandan pastors have received formal theological training. This means many pastors find themselves poorly equipped to lead and disciple their congregations, provide counseling for their people, or adequately study and teach the Scripture. But the cost of education is prohibitively high, preventing these leaders from returning to school.

New regulations set by the Rwandan parliament in July 2018, now require ALL pastors to acquire and hold a bachelor’s or higher level of training in theology or a similar field—something the majority of pastors in the nation cannot afford to do. Without this education, though, they will not be allowed to lead congregations or plant churches. The need for affordable, accessible theological training in Rwanda is therefore higher than ever.

Pastor Patrick Twagirayesu, who has been with us at Deer Flat a variety of times over the past 5 years, and is a well loved leader In Rwanda, hosts a week of encouragement and equipping every summer for any and all Pastors from around the area. Some 400-500 pastors will gather in Kigali from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and The Congo. We will endeavor to download as much practical helps in ministry that we possibly can in the time we’re there.

So, as you probably know, we are going to need your prayers! This is no small task. Having been to Africa before, I’ve witnessed these pastors, who will travel for miles to attend something like this. Because resources are slim, they deeply appreciate anything that is offered that will be significant in equipping them.

Would you join us in prayer for these days that we are there? It’s a full week. Equipping workshops during the day and revival services in the evening. Pastor Patrick’s heart is to send every one of those shepherds home with a full tank of gas in their spirit. What a great week they are in store for. What a great week of God’s divine visitation upon these gracious servants. We travel there representing the Deer Flat family and it’s heart to impact the world.

I wanted you to be included. Our hearts are already joined together. I can’t wait to see you this Sunday! This is one more reason why, I LOVE MY CHURH!

Pastor D

Pastor Dave McGarrah