Education is one of the most powerful tools you can offer another person. Not only does it prepare someone to live a more fulfilling life, rise above poverty and avoid exploitation, but also, education empowers people to live up to their highest potential as followers of Christ.

As my two children headed back to school this week, I was once again reminded of how important our educators are. All those leaders within our school systems make a lasting difference for generations to come. Most of us can look back with fondness for a particular Bus Driver, Teacher, Administrator, or Cafeteria Worker who believed in you, helping you to achieve far more than you ever dreamed. Perhaps that individual gently supported you as you struggled to grasp a certain concept and then cheered wildly for you when it finally ‘clicked.’ Or maybe they provided a certain safety and sense of constant for you that you desperately needed. Day in and day out, our educators mold the hearts and minds of our loved ones.

Because our children and youth are so important to us at Deer Flat, we want to invite all those who serve in our education system to join us this Sunday. At the conclusion of each of service, we are going take a moment to pray over all those who serve in our schools (Public, Private & Home). So, if that’s you, please don’t miss this Sunday! If you’ve been personally impacted by one these educators, please don’t miss this Sunday! If you support & believe in what our educators do, please don’t miss this Sunday! And if you know of an educator who doesn’t have a home church, please don’t let them miss this Sunday!

You are loved,


Pastor Ryan Stoops