It’s true!  A variety of great things are coming together to make this the Best Summer that we’ve ever had at Deer Flat.  Typically when summer arrives, there is quite an exodus as so many people vacation all summer long.  That’s been changing over the past few years.  Why? Probably a variety of reasons, but for sure, one of those reasons is the amount of life happening through the summer months.

We don’t shift into a lower gear as summer arrives.  We continue to do ministry at the same high quality levels, with the same dedicated efforts that we practice throughout the rest of the year.  I’ll give you just a brief overview of what you can expect to experience around Deer Flat this summer…

#1 – An Unforgettable Ground Breaking Sunday – June 11.  The entire morning will be a great time of celebration for the Deer Flat family as the time has now arrived to break the ground and get this building project, a Children’s Ministry Center, under way.   It begins with a chance to hear what God has been doing among us over the past year.  We’ll revisit the story of God’s grace towards the Deer Flat Family for 109 years.  We’ll then transition over to the celebration of ground breaking with some really great ingredients.  Whether you’re a 1st hour attender or 2nd hour, you’re going to want to be here for the entire morning.  The coffee will be hot and the donuts will be free.  We don’t want anyone to miss out. By the way, THANK YOU FOR YOUR WONDERFUL FINANCIAL SUPPORT IN THIS BIG UNDERTAKING!

#2 – An Amazing Week of Vacation Bible School – June 12-16.  As always, this is a HUGE event every year.  Julie and her team have an powerful week lined up for the kids. There’s still time to get your children registered, and we always appreciate and value Volunteers.  The theme: ONE NATION UNDER GOD!  Get your neighbor kids, grandkids, your own kids, and let’s get them exposed to the greatest story ever told in the Bible.  You can register online at

#3 – Special Guest: Bob Cornuke, Sunday August 13th.  Many of you remember Bob when he was with us a year ago.  This will be an educational day as we explore with a true “Indiana Jones.”  He will be sharing about his explorations, and the search for the lost Ark of the Covenant.  Save the date.  Invite a friend. Plan to enjoy a great Lord’s Day.

#4 – This Sunday: Revelation 12 pt. 2.  We will pick up where we left off last week.  I’ll be doing a bit of review for those who may not have been with us over the holiday weekend, and then we’ll trek through another section of this amazing prophecy.  This is one of those things I think your neighbor would enjoy listening to.  Come expecting an outstanding time together with God and His family.

I can’t wait to see you this Lord’s Day.  I hope each of you will be able to have a bit of time away this summer.  We’ve got an amazing summer happening around Deer Flat, in fact, it’s THE BEST SUMMER EVER!

Loving You and Loving Him,

Pastor D