You’ve probably seen the reminders on TV, walking into Walgreens, or at the entrance of Walmart.  I wonder, “Is it about the marketing and making money, or is it about honoring Mom’s?” Yes!  Let me share two things about Mothers and close with one more thought about something worth considering.

#1. We’re talking about LIVING GENEROUSLY             during the month of May.  Outside of Jesus, Himself, I can think of no one models generous living more than a Mother.  I think about my own mom, as well as the countless numbers of mother’s I’ve been fortunate to have in my congregations, and they rank at the top of the list of consistently living generously.  I’m looking forward to honoring our Mom’s this Sunday at Deer Flat.

#2. Years ago I remember reading this piece by Chuck Swindoll entitled, “The Greatest Influence.”  I hope you enjoy it.

The Greatest Influence

Several years ago, someone interviewed the contemporary artist Marc Chagall for a PBS program. The young, arty interviewer started the session with a question about influences. His question was very long and involved and exhibited his own learning along the way, giving everybody, including Chagall, a lecture on the nature of influences on the artist.

When the young man finally gave the artist a chance to answer for himself, Chagall said, in the simplest way possible, that his greatest influence was his mother. It took the poor young man a bit of time to get his bearings after that.

I know of no more permanent imprint on a life than the one made by mothers. I guess that's why Mother's Day always leaves me a little nostalgic. Not simply because my mother has gone on (and heaven's probably cleaner because of it!), but because that's the one day the real heroines of our world get the credit they deserve. Hats off to every one of you!

More than any statesman or teacher, more than any minister or physician, more than any film star, athlete, business person, author, scientist, civic leader, entertainer, or military are the most influential person in your child's life.

Never doubt that fact!

Not even when the dishes in the sink resemble the Leaning Tower of Pisa...or the washing machine gets choked and dies...or the place looks a wreck and nobody at home stops to say, "Thanks, Mom. You're great."

It's still worth it. There never would have been an Isaac without a Sarah, a Moses without a Jochebed, a Samuel without a Hannah, a John without an Elizabeth, a Timothy without a Eunice, or a John Mark without a Mary.

These men were the men they were, in great part, because of the mothers they had. The hidden secret of that winning combination? Mother with child - just that simple. So, please...please, stay at it!

A mother's influence is so great that we model it even when we don't realize it, and we return to it — often to the surprise of others.

As I think of my own mother's influence on me, two words come to mind: class and zest. My mother, being a classy lady, was determined to keep our family from being ignorant of the arts or lacking in social graces. I have her to thank for my love of artistic beauty, fine music, which fork to use, and no gravy on my tie. She also possessed such a zest for life. I am indebted to her for my enthusiasm and relentless drive. Her indomitable spirit got passed on, thank goodness.

And so, mothers, don't ever forget the permanence of your imprint. The kids may seem ungrateful, they may act irresponsible, they may even ignore your reminders and forget your advice these days. But believe this: they cannot erase your influence.

 One last thing…

I’d like to ask you to consider going with us to Washington DC this July for the Christians United for Israel Summit.  It’s happening July 17-18.  Not only will this be an incredible time to gather on behalf of Israel, but you’ll get the greatest information from the greatest speakers, enjoy an unforgettable Night To Honor Israel – with Key Note: Vice President Pence, but you’ll go with us to Capitol Hill where we will meet with our elected officials and talk about key issues regarding Israel.  All of the information is available by simply going to  Jer and I are also available to help you with any other information you’d like.  If you ever wondered if you are making a difference with your life, this is certainly one way to answer that question.  I encourage you to prayerfully consider making this important trip.  We would be so honored to have you with us!

I can’t wait to see you this Lord’s Day!  I LOVE MY CHURCH!

Pastor D

PS: Whatever you do, don’t forget your Mom