Tomorrow evening begins our HOPE FOR HURTING PEOPLE weekend.  You’ll definitely not want to miss Friday evening.  Ted and Gayle Haggard are our special guests for the conference.  Their story is both heart wrenching and powerful.  It was eleven years ago now that their world was forever changed.  In an instant they found themselves living in horrendous change.

They will speak both Friday evening and Saturday morning. THERE IS NO COST FOR FRIDAY EVENING – 7 PM. This would be one of those times that you should invite someone to come with you.  They will tell the story of how God brought amazing restoration out of their disaster.  It wasn’t without help.  God brought great people and resources into their lives and they both contributed heavily.  Add to that God’s redemptive heart and His willingness to get into our messes, and it makes for a very miraculous equation.

Because of the workshops taking place on Saturday, there is a cost of $25, but this is where you can tap into some tremendous people and resources.  Everything starts at 9 AM and will be wrapped up by 2:30 PM.  Lunch is included in the cost.  You can check it all out at

Sunday – another great day at Deer Flat.  We continue in our series: CORE, where we get a chance to consider the core value of EQUIPPING.  I can’t wait to see you this weekend.  Don’t underestimate the power and influence of an invitation.  Remember, you are a difference maker!

All For Jesus,

Pastor D