An Amazing Weekend Awaits You At Deer Flat

Two thousand years ago, Jesus stepped out of a tomb and began to present Himself to his followers.  He’s still revealing Himself.  I invite you to join us for an outstanding Easter weekend at Deer Flat Church.  You’ll discover why this still matters to us today. 

Would you consider doing what you do so well?  Would you intentionally invite someone to join you this weekend who could use some great news, and a meaningful morning?  I have had the greatest time meeting so many of your friends and family.  If you know of anyone who is hurting, discouraged, struggling with life, or who is lonely, your invitation would be one of the kindest gifts you could give them.  I have been preparing for several weeks a special message for this weekend.  I am asking God to capture the hearts of many of those who walk through our doors throughout this weekend.  Between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, we will have no less than 2000 to 3000 or more come to the events happening this weekend.  Here’s the quick run down…


 We’re going to be taking a look at a variety of the pictures Matthew has given us of those who were at the Cross of Jesus on the day He was crucified.  This will be a significant part of making the most of your Resurrection weekend.


 Every year Julie and her team put together a phenomenal morning for children.  Your kids, neighbor kids, grand kids, will all have an amazing experience as they are engaged in great music, a drama of the story of Jesus and His Resurrection, and an invitation to know Jesus personally.  This morning will be filled with all the things that will invigorate and inspire the children.  New friendships and fun await all those who attend.

RESURRECTION SUNDAY – 9:30 and 11:00 A.M.

 We have been planning and praying for a tremendous morning this week.  We want all of your friends to have the most meaningful experience at Deer Flat.  There will be great worship and a clear presentation of the Gospel.  I ask you to take the time to pray over this entire weekend at Deer Flat.

I LOVE MY CHURCH!  I know you do too.  Come expecting, and give me a chance to meet your friends and family!

For Him,

Pastor D