What is it about inconvenience that is so inconvenient?  Get ready for a bit of my insanity as I’m about to turn into a Rantosaurus Rex, but stick with me on this one.

·         Have you ever kicked back in your favorite chair, got really comfortable and realized the remote is out of reach?  Inconvenient

·         Have you ever put on a pair of fresh socks, walked into the kitchen and step on some water? Yep, inconvenient

·         When you take too long at a self-service checkout to get am item into the bag while the till's telling you to "Please put the item into the bagging area" and then when you finally manage to do it the till says "Unexpected item in bagging area, please remove this item before continuing" and you have to get someone to unfreeze your till so you can continue. Really inconvenient

·         How about when you’re driving Hwy 55 out of Nampa, when two lanes merge and more than one car tries to merge into your lane in front of you. Hate that

·         How about when you pull up to a red light that makes you sit at it with no traffic around?  I tell you, the robots are winning – totally inconvenient.

·         You do your best Steph Curry 3-point shot towards the trash can, miss it, and have to walk over, pick it up, and put it in the trash – inconvenient.

·         When you’re half way to work and remember you forgot your phone – totally inconvenient.

·         You show up to your church and you can’t figure out how to get in because they are doing construction.  Really inconvenient.

I relate to all of these and so many more.  But here’s the deal about the construction project at Deer Flat Church: It’s a TEMPORARY  inconvenience for a permanent improvement.

I see the road construction going on all over the place this summer. Warning signs are all over the place, and it really creates lots of inconvenience. I looked up the word inconvenience and it is defined as something that causes difficulty, trouble or discomfort. Looking at that definition, I believe all of us can say we have experienced some inconveniences in our lives.

This is the conversion story of Saul over in Acts 9. Anyone who knew Saul recognized that he was a dedicated Jew and believed in the scriptures. He was having difficulty with this new movement known as “the Way”. He did not agree with the teachings of Jesus or believe that He was the Messiah. He began to oppose and persecute anyone who followed Jesus. The first place we read about Saul is in Acts 7:58. He is witnessing the stoning of Stephen and holding the coats of his accusers. In Acts 8:2 we see him begin to persecute the church in Jerusalem and because of this persecution the followers of Jesus scattered to various cities. Many of them settled in Damascus. When Saul was informed of this, he received letters giving him authority to go to Damascus and bring to justice any followers of Jesus.

So with letters in his hand, he heads to Damascus. On the way to Damascus, he has a life changing experience. He sees a light that is so bright it knocks him off his beast. He hears a voice asking why he is persecuting Him. Saul asks who was speaking. He said, “I am Jesus whom you persecute.” Saul received instructions of where and what to do. One problem - he was struck blind and had to be led.

Saul came to Damascus for one thing but along the way made a detour. For three days, he stayed in the home of Judas. He was blind and spent his time fasting and praying. This was a temporary inconvenience and hindered him from accomplishing the task he was sent to do. He received a new direction for his life. While going through this experience, God spoke to Ananias and told him to pray for Saul that he might receive his sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Ananias was concerned at first because he heard of what Saul had done to the believers in Jerusalem. He also knew that Saul was coming to Damascus to do the same thing. God let Ananias know He had plans for Saul. Immediately his eyes were opened and then he was baptized. Saul remained with the disciples at Damascus and began to preach that Jesus was the Son of God. Saul had a temporary inconvenience but a permanent improvement.

Just like God had a plan for Saul, He has a plan for you. As the plan is being worked out in your life, you may experience some inconveniences but know they are just temporary. When God’s plan for your life is complete, you will experience a permanent improvement. After Saul’s Damascus road experience, his name was changed to Paul. The one who once persecuted the church and denied that Jesus was the Messiah was responsible for writing almost one third of the New Testament. He was responsible for establishing many churches that continued spreading the good news. He was responsible for mentoring many who became giants in the faith. Yes Paul had a temporary inconvenience but it led to his permanent improvement.

That’s what we’re endeavoring to do at Deer Flat.  Your flexibility and patience will be a HUGE blessing.  So, strap in and hang on for a great adventure.  Whatever you do, don’t bail.  We need you!  We will keep you very informed as progress is made. 

THANK YOU TO THE WHOLE CHURCH FAMILY FOR MAKING LAST SUNDAY AND UNFORGETTABLE DAY OF CELEBRATION AND DEDICATION! Almost 1200 people gathered for this amazing day.  What a Church!  What a tremendous flock!  I am so fortunate to be the pastor at Deer Flat Church!  Love My Church.

A couple of quick items of interest…

-      There is a tremendous week happening at VBS.  Over 250 kids and growing. Tremendous volunteers and parents making this a phenomenal week.  Catch the big program FRIDAY EVENING at 6:30PM!!

-      Men’s 4 Wheeler Outing. Meet at the Church 9 a.m. Saturday.  Bring some lunch

-      Baptism Class this Sunday morning – Why not take a bold step and go public with your faith.  This is a tremendous step of obedience.

Can’t wait to see you this Sunday as we kick off a brand new series: Hosea – The story of God’s redemptive love.

Loving You and Loving Him,

Pastor D