Believe it or not, Fall is in the air.  You know what that means: football, those spectacular fall colors, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin everything, caramel apples, some rain, crisp air, and a hot beverage.  But it also means an outstanding season at Deer Flat Church.  Let me get you caught up on what’s happening.

#1 THE BUILDING PROJECT UPDATE:  It has taken a lot of time and work to get this project going, but things are now moving at a great pace.  This week we have foundations being dug and poured, plumbers laying underground work, and a new 135’x35’x15’ seepage bed and drain system put in place (you may have seen the mountain of dirt to the south!).  Our building should begin to arrive on site in the next week or two.  Once the underground work is done, the concrete floor will be poured.  It then has to cure for about 10 days before we can begin to erect the building.  We hope to begin erection 2nd or 3rd week of October.  There will continue to be some space used in the northwest parking lot over the next few weeks, so parking will continue to be a bit challenging.  Please continue to pray for the overall project and specifically that we are able to get the various contractors on the job as needed to keep the job moving at a steady pace.  Thanks for your ongoing support of this project!


#2 EXPLORERER BOB CORNUKE – THIS SUNDAY: Bob is always a fantastic guest at Deer Flat.  Bob is a former police investigator and SWAT team member, but he’s also a biblical investigator, international explorer and author of nine books. He has participated in over fifty expeditions around the world searching for lost locations described in the Bible. These journeys include searching for Mount Sinai in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, looking for the remains of Noah's Ark in Turkey with astronaut Jim Irwin (the eighth man to walk on the moon) and researching ancient Assyrian and Babylonian flood accounts in Iran.

He has followed ancient accounts of the Ark of the Covenant from Israel to Egypt and across Ethiopian highlands, and, most recently, his research team found the probable location of Paul's shipwreck off the coast of Malta. This find has resulted in the accounting of what many are saying are all four anchors, as described in Acts: 27. His most recent adventure is sparking international controversy. Chronicled in his new book "Temple", Bob makes the assertion that the Temples of Solomon and Herod were located in the City of David and not on the traditional temple mount platform.

This Sunday morning he will be speaking about THE SEARCH FOR THE LOST ARK OF THE COVENANT, and at 5 pm he will speaking about his most recent discoveries in the City of David.  Don’t miss the chance to invite a friend to this unforgettable morning at Deer Flat.

#3 FIRST HOUR PRESCHOOL TEACHERS AND VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: We are moving to a monthly rotation of teachers for preschool during 1st hour starting in October. We need individuals, parent/child teams, or teams of spouses. Child helpers need to be 5th grade or older. We could also use some teachers who would commit for one month at a time, or more if you’d like.

We need 4 teachers each month. Classes are 3yr, 4/5yr, pre-k, and Kindergarten.  Lessons and classrooms are all put together and ready to go. The teacher facilitates the class, and loves on the kids. WHAT AN ANSWER TO PRAYER YOU WOULD BE! If you would like more information or would like to sign up to help please contact Myia Day at (208) 409-8479 or

#4 BAPTISM SUNDAY IS QUICKLY APPROACHING – JUMP IN:  Have you gone public with your faith?  Have you taken that “next step” since you invited Christ into your life?  Why not join with some others who are getting ready to be baptized.  It’s not only a great next step, but it is a big step of obedience.  If you ever wondered if you could put a smile on God’s face, this will do it.  There is a class taking place this Sunday morning at 9:30 and baptism will happen on September 24th.  This is always a HUGE celebration for the Deer Flat Family.  It’s time, you know it, and you know who you are…

 #5 COFFEE WITH JER – THIS SATURDAY MORNING AT 9 A.M.-  All ladies are invited to have a coffee with Jerri this Saturday morning in the lobby.  One of the things that Jer and I both enjoy greatly is a chance to be with the people and to get acquainted with those who may be new to Deer Flat.  Each month, Jer has a coffee for any and all of the women of Deer Flat, where she has a chance to throw some love on you, share her heart, inspire and encourage you.

I can’t wait to see you this Sunday!  Let’s make this the best Fall season ever at Deer Flat!

Loving You and Loving Him,

Pastor D

PS. Don’t forget:  Voice of the Martyrs Conf. Sept 23, Love Caldwell Sept 23,  Hope For Hurting People Oct. 13-14