Have you ever made a poor decision?  Who hasn’t, right?!  Some days I feel like I’m the King of dumb decisions… 

  • I bought that treadmill (everyone told me I’d stop using it 3 months later)
  • I got out of my lane at the supermarket to move to one that I thought would be faster (this never works out in my favor)
  • I said YES to that “thing” before consulting with my wife (never a good idea)
  • I watched that stupid movie all the way to the end (I’ll never get that time back)
  • I let my buddies pressure me into jumping into the frozen pond (somehow it lost its “coolness” factor after I got sick)

There are 2 kinds of bad decisions, poor decisions and ignorant decisions.  The latter is a little less guilt-ridden, but a poor decision is because I knew better!  Making a poor decision is the worst, you’re left to own the consequence of your decision all the while knowing that you could have so easily avoided it.  If only I had chosen what I knew to be right!  How many times have I been here?  Why do I continue to move forward with a decision that I know is not going to work? 

This weekend we are looking at our fifth test in our series, The Ten Test of Abraham. Test #5 is about Abraham and Sarah choosing to move forward with a decision that would eventually have consequences beyond their imagination. (give it a read, Gen. 16)  They made a choice out of impatience and as a result, there were two children, one was promised and one was not.  It’s funny how our decisions in life don’t just affect us, but they are much like that rock when it hits the water, it’s called “The Ripple Effect”.  Today we are still experiencing the consequences of their decision, what some call Jihad, the direct result of this one bad decision. (Gen. 16:12)

But before we get too upset with Abraham and Sarah, let’s not forget Adam and Eve, and we definitely don’t want to forget Me, Myself and I.  Jesus’ brother James said it best, So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin. (James 4:17)  What do you say we put our big boy pants on and address the sin that lies within us, we ALL struggle with it, it’s why we so desperately need Jesus.  Join us this Sunday as we take a closer look!

Until then, God bless and go in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Pastor Ryan