Probably like me, you watched the heartbreaking and tragic attack on a group of people in Spain.  Sheer Terrorism!  As I sat watching, a variety of thoughts went through my mind:

            Why does stuff like this happen?

            Why does it happen to good people?

            Will these kind of attacks never stop?

            Why is life so full of trials and heartaches?

Fortunately, the Bible contains some important helps when it comes to what it means to live in a fallen world. Having the right kind of knowledge on why bad things happen to people in this life will not only help you understand why these events happen to everyone in the first place, but this kind of knowledge will also help you to be able to weather these types of storms and eventually get through them when they come your way in this life.  There are a variety of reasons trials and tragedies happen, but consider just this one:  THE CURSE OF ADAM AND EVE.

The #1 main reason why we all experience a certain amount of turmoil, conflict, and adversity in this life is a result of the curse that Adam and Eve brought down upon this earth as a result of both of them disobeying a direct command from the Lord not to eat any fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Adam and Eve represented all of mankind that would come after them when they were first tested in the Garden of Eden.

And when the both of them did not obey God’s direct command to stay off this one tree, they and everyone since them, would all have to be born into a journey through this cursed and fallen world before we can make it into heaven.

As a result of the earth now becoming cursed, we now have all kinds of bad things that can happen to anyone of us at any time. Our physical bodies are now subject to the death process. Sooner or later, every single one us will have to physically die before we can cross over to be with our Lord in heaven. And not only will our physical bodies eventually deteriorate, corrupt, and pass on, but they will also be subject to diseases and illnesses in this life.

Another consequence that we all have to put up with as a result of this curse is all of the natural disasters that can occur at a moment’s notice. Earthquakes, thunderstorms, lightning strikes, tornadoes, hurricanes, forest fires, and volcanic eruptions and more can strike anywhere at anytime impacting thousands of people at a moment’s notice. And on top of all of the different natural disasters that can occur in this life, we also have to deal with just natural accidents that can occur such as house fires and car wrecks.

So, we have to put up with a certain amount of people who will break some of God’s laws in order to get what they want – crime.  There will be a certain amount of people in this life who will always be choosing to live life on the dark side, causing us to have local police departments to provide us with protection, and each Nation to have their own military in order to protect them from harm and take over.

Though we have all been created equal in the eyes of our Lord, not everyone will get equal dealings in this life. Some people end up making a lot of money in this life, others will live in poverty. Some people will go through this life without experiencing much sickness or disease, while other people will fight one sickness and disease after another.

Some people will become victims of some type of crime and abuse, and others will go through this life and not have a hair on their head ever be touched or harmed. Some people will die and depart from this life at a very young age, and others will live to a ripe old age.

As a result of this curse from Adam, we don’t know what will happen to us two minutes from now, much less what will happen to us two weeks from now.  So get this: Though we are now new creations in Christ as a result of being transformed by Him, and though we have the person of the Holy Spirit dwelling on the inside to help empower and lead us through this crazy life, none of this will remove the curse factor that is still in full operation on this earth.

So, what can we do?  Great question!  I’ll tell you about it this Sunday when we look at the subject of Trials and why we hate them.  If you’ve got a friend going through some deep water, be sure to invite them to join us this week at Deer Flat.  It’s going to be a great Lord’s Day.  Between now and then, let’s keep the good people of Spain in our prayers, along with so many in our own nation and family.

All For Jesus

Pastor D


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