Perhaps most of you know that this weekend is a very significant one when it comes to speaking out for the unborn.  This issue has ripped our Nation apart every since the Roe vs Wade decision was handed down by the Supreme Court back in 1973.  As you know, it is very emotionally charged.  At the center of this issue is whether or not what is in the womb of a woman is considered life or not.  Is it simply tissue or is it someone who has been created in the image of God?  If it’s not considered life, then it appears to be no “biggie.”

For centuries, the western world has operated on what we could call a “sanctity of life ethic.”  That is to say, a person had a right to life simply because he was human and was considered human because he was alive.  But there has been a shift in recent years toward a quality of life ethic rather than a sanctity of life ethic.  This new ethic basically says a person doesn’t have a right to live simply because he’s human.  A person only has a right to live if he meets certain criteria, certain qualities.

According to that new modern viewpoint, a person has no rights simply because he is alive.  Even if he is physically alive, he must meet some additional criteria for being fully human.  If he fails to meet the criteria, he doesn’t have the rights of a human, including the right to live.  The unborn must meet some kind of a vague standard of genetic worthiness, or they must have a life worth living, or they must be wanted by society, or they must meet the mother’s personal criteria to be considered human.

You may remember, it wasn’t very long ago that Planned Parenthood, the biggest advocate for abortion, was making news due to the fact that they were “selling” body parts from aborted babies.  It created quite an uproar, and rightly so.  Here was their thinking and rationale: If the baby were just tissue and just a part of the woman’s body, then why should selling those remains for medical research provoke disgust and outrage?

This is one of the blatant examples of what the belief in evolution results in.  A person has to push past their conscience, which the bible calls “a seared conscience”, and reduce life down to nothing more than another animal, having no more value than a dolphin. And that’s what pushes this issue from legality to morality. 

Legality and morality are NOT the same thing.  Look at both the Holocaust and slavery, both legal in their time, approved by political action and the courts. Ultimately for the problem to be solved, in the final analysis, hearts MUST BE CHANGED, which is where the role of the Church must remain strong.  And though morality can’t be legislated, behavior can be regulated. The law can’t change a heart, but it can restrain the heartless.

Back in 1979 Jer and I were expecting our THIRD child.  Because of some serious complications with the birth of our SECOND child, and after reading through the medical chart and comments of the delivering physician, our new doctor in our new town advised us to abort this baby.  He recommended a clinic in Sun Valley.  Jer and I were, needless to say, dumbfounded.

With the help of God, we found an OB doc in Twin Falls.  After having a chance to read through the report, sit and visit with us, check Jer out, he sat down with us and said, “I don’t see a problem here.  I know exactly what happened, we will be more than ready should that be an issue, but I think you’re going to do great!”  Here’s the end result…

dave and barry.jpg

There is a March For Life taking place tomorrow in Boise.  Why not check it out.  Location & Information: The Idaho March for Life will leave the Gene Harris Bandshell at Julia Davis Park (150 N Capitol Blvd. Boise, ID) at 1:00 pm on Saturday, January 20, 2018, and arrive at the steps of the Idaho State Capitol building (700 W Jefferson St. Boise, ID) for a rally for life.

I’m glad to tell you, Deer Flat Church supports Lifeline Pregnancy Center as a part of our annual budget.  Thank you for your heart for the unborn!  Thank you for your generosity financially towards the ministries of Deer Flat.  Pray for the unborn. Don’t underestimate the difference and impact you can make in this arena.  I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU ON SUNDAY!

All For Jesus,
Pastor D