We’ve been walking through Holy Week this month.  It’s hard to believe that we’re already approaching the final Sunday of March.  We began with Palm Sunday and have made our way through the major days of that last week of Jesus life, including Passover and now it brings us to the third important day of Holy Week, Good Friday, the day Christ was crucified. Surely there is no bleaker moment in human history than when we decided it was expedient to kill our Creator. But here again Jesus defied our expectations and surprises us, because - as the name suggests - this horrible event turns out to be good. Not because of what happened on that day, but because God used that day to make us good by paying the price we deserved so we could be reconciled to God. It`s the best worst thing that ever happened and that`s the paradox of Good Friday, the irony of Good Friday.

Unlike other religions that just pretend there is no such thing as evil or say if only you follow the rules and meditate right you can escape the illusion of suffering, Good Friday tells us the truth. Evil really does exist and suffering really does hurt, but God can take even the worst events and make them good. Unlike other religious figures, Jesus doesn`t AVOID SUFFERING and SIN, he absorbs them and transforms them into something good. 

This Sunday I’ll be taking you through another major section of John’s description of Jesus amazing love and agony displayed through the events of Holy Week.  You’ll be amazed at what has been laying on the pages of the Gospels that most people never see.

Question: With Easter Sunday just over a week away, have you considered who you might invite to experience Deer Flat Church?  An unforgettable weekend awaits them as we have prepared some very special things for that very special morning.  Let’s maximize on reaching out to those who have no church home.  Let’s risk inviting.  Who knows, they could be forever changed because you dared to invite.

I’ll close with this quick update – We are on track to close out March making our financial budget for the month.  We missed the mark in January and February, BUT NOT BY MUCH – Yea!  Thank you for standing by the church financially.  Thank you for your faithful generosity.  Thank you for honoring God with your finances.  Thank you for enabling us to get this new addition built and paid for in a very timely manner!

The Deer Flat Flock is absolutely the best!  I am so grateful for the people of Deer Flat.  You impact my life weekly.  You encourage, pray, support, serve, give, care, stand in the gap, reach out, worship, value spiritual growth, help lift the load, invest in others, sacrifice for those important things, love one another and so much more.  I am the most fortunate pastor I know.  I LOVE MY CHURCH!   Can’t wait to see you Sunday!

All For Jesus,

Pastor D

Pastor Dave McGarrah