So I had a bit of heartbreak this week.  Got a minute?  I’ll tell you about it anyway…

I have always loved this time of the year – spring through early summer, before it’s hot. But I really look forward to the days getting longer.  The sun rises early and goes down late.  Even after it’s gone, the evening stay light for quite awhile.

Well, as I’m watching the news, the weather man says, “It’s the longest day of the year today.”  I found myself excited and disappointed at the same time.  From that day forward, until the Winter Solstice, the days are going to keep getting shorter.  It’s wrong, I tell you.  It’s just wrong.

Then, I went to the calendar and I looked at how many days were left in June, and I found myself grabbing for a chilled Fresca and a chair, just to catch my breath. “Where has June gone?”, I asked myself.  And I didn’t like how I answered myself back.  I know, I have an appointment with my therapist next week, so don’t worry.

But here’s the really great news: I took some inventory of what a GREAT month it’s been around Deer Flat.  Wow, it’s been full of fun, fulfillment, vision, excitement and God’s faithfulness.  Let me just highlight a few of the things that June has contained:

·         GROUND BREAKING – Unforgettable

·         VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL – Loaded with fun, children, great times and great Volunteers

·         CUBA MISSION TRIP – Tremendous!  Both the team and the church in Cuba benefitted greatly.  God blessed, protected and provided.  What a God we serve, and what an outstanding team of servants!

 Because June isn’t over, let me tell you about this Sunday and what’ you can expect in the near future…

·         BAPTISMS – At the close of 2nd hour, we’ve got a wonderful group of Deer Flatter’s that will be going public with their faith.  Adults, students and children make up this group. Plan to celebrate big time with these that have decided to take this great step of obedience!  It’s going to be outstanding.

·         HOSEA – The story of God’s redemptive love continues.  I can tell you, it’s going to be a significant time in God’s Word!

·         JULY 2 – ONE SERVICE – Each major holiday we do an “all church” Sunday.  Service will begin at 10:30 a.m.

One final thing…we’ve made it a bit more creative in how you enter into the building this week.  Come and find out.  Our Greeters will be pointing the way.  WE’RE UNDER CONSTRUCTION!