Hello Deer Flat
We wanted to give you a few updates on the building project.

First I have some exciting news in regards to finances.  This week we exceeded $.5 million and are now at $501,306!  Wow and to think we have not even broke ground yet.  You are all amazing and your support is not only necessary but greatly appreciated!  As a reminder, our original pledges were a little over $1.6 million and with a few that came in afterward, it increased to about $1.7 million.  In addition to this we have a number of people/companies who have committed products/services to the project totaling an estimated $300,000.  Not to mention those of you who have volunteered your time and skills through the process.  Once again thank you for your commitment to this project and our children.

The weather along with some challenges with septic system has delayed us some.  However, with the help of the architects and engineers we have avoided a couple of potentially very costly requirements.  With these issues now resolved we hope to get back on track soon.

Below I have outlined where we are in the project.

  • The majority of the architectural work is done
  • Awaiting final septic design
  • Awaiting final drawings on the engineered steel structure
  • We hope to submit for permits within about 3 weeks
  • Estimate mid-April for permits
  • Hopeful ground breaking in April

Storage building

  • Building and permit has been received
  • Foundation and concrete pad now underway
  • Construction will begin after concrete has cured sufficiently
  • If you are willing to help with assembling this building, please contact:

Existing building – we will be making a number of need updates or improvements to the existing building.  Here are some of the things we hope to accomplish

  • Insulate and heat existing shop for better year round use
  • Additional insulation in attic areas
  • Duct work repair/replacement
  • Old exterior doors replaced
  • New weather stripping on existing doors
  • Roof replacement/repair
  • Repainting exterior

Please visit the 2020 Vision page on our website to keep up with the latest information.
Thanks again and have a great rest of the week.  See you Sunday.

Rick Day
Executive Administrator