When is the last time you received an invitation to something that actually drew you in?  I’ve been pondering this as I find myself headed into the Holiday season.  Believe it or not, invitations mean a great deal to people whether they are young or old. There is something about being invited to an event that makes you feel special and accepted. For instance, when we were in school you could determine very quickly if you belonged to a particular group IF they invited you to their birthdays or get togethers. I know sometimes some kids cross their fingers hoping that they will be invited to the cool kids party and if that happens then that person will jump for joy at the invitation. There are certainly other examples of this, such as how a young lady feels when a great young guy invites on her on a date or how a person feels when then boss invites them out to dinner.

There is something about an invitation...

   a. An invitation makes us feel special

   b. An invitation makes us feel wanted and accepted

An invitation is a powerful way to reach out to others...

   a. A man invites a lady out for a date

   b. A business person invites a client out for lunch

   c. A housewife invites a friend over for coffee

   d. A family invites another family to supper

Of course many more examples could be given, but we can certainly see that giving and receiving invitations are powerful in our society.  The Bible is filled with many instances of people giving and receiving an invitation.  But, by far, the greatest invitation was the invitation we’ve all been extended to be the children of God, citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, joint heirs with Christ!

In just a week from now, we will be in the month of December.  This is a month that is loaded with lots of opportunities to invite someone to experience Deer Flat.  They will have a chance to hear an invitation to step into the Kingdom of God.  Don’t under estimate the power of your invitation to someone.  You’ll find that they are more open during this season than they are most of the months of the year.  Here’s a look at some invite opportunities:

FOUR TICKETS TO CHRISTMAS – This years Christmas Musical

                        Friday December 1 at 7 pm

                        Saturday December 2 at 2 pm

                        Sunday December 3 at 10 am

  IT HAPPENED IN THE COUNTRY - Children’s Christmas Program

 Sunday December 10 at 11 am

 THE SUNDAY’S OF DECEMBER – A Deer Flat Christmas

Sunday’s at 9:30 and 11 am

 I can’t wait to see you this Sunday!  We’re wrapping up our series, “David’s Mighty Men.”  I can promise you, it’s going to be an outstanding morning at Deer Flat.  Go Bold and invite that friend, family member, or neighbor.  And, then give me a chance to meet them!

All For Jesus,