Hello Deer Flat Family, 

In less than 24 hours we’ll have the privilege and delight of gathering together and enjoying a chance to worship our God!  What a time that will be.  A foretaste of heaven.  We will enjoy the fellowship of the saints, the chance to minister and pray for one another.  And, we will look once again into the ancient Book – a book that is more current that tomorrow’s news – where once again, we will find insights, encouragement, correction, instruction and a challenge in our own personal walk with the Messiah!

I can hardly wait to see you and be with you.  I have so much to tell you as we revisit “The Ten Tests of Abraham.”  We’re going to revisit God’s Covenant with Abraham and consider what this means for us as followers of Christ. This section of Genesis is rich and full of promise.  If you find yourself needing a booster shot spiritually, a word of encouragement, a cut of meat to sink your spiritual teeth into, I can promise you, you’re going to love this story.  However, none of this comes without a cost.  What is that cost?  I’ll tell you tomorrow!

With Resurrection Sunday just a few weeks away, would you mind doing what you do so well – inviting someone to experience Deer Flat with you on that special weekend.  I can promise you, it will be an unforgettable Sunday.  Be praying, be thinking of who can use some “Good News”, and then go bold and invite.  There’s a Divine appointment awaiting them, so don’t let them miss it.

I also encourage you to keep Israel in your prayers.  Having just returned from there, I can tell you that the sabre rattling is growing louder.  The days ahead for Israel are going to be full to challenges that only God will be able to help them through.  The privilege of praying for Israel brings a promised blessing.  You can’t love Israel without getting a blessing.  More on this later.  Come expecting an outstanding time tomorrow.  Pray for me.  Pray for the services.  Pray for our people – many of which are in difficult circumstances.  See you tomorrow!

Loving You – And Him,
Pastor D