Hi Deer Flat
Almost 1 year ago we introduced our plan to build an addition that would expand our lobby, add a kitchen, add restrooms and most importantly house our children's ministry for the next generation.  Your response of financial support, services and offers to volunteer was overwhelmingly positive.

Since that time we have been working on plans, working through a variety of challenges and have finally submitted a set of plans to the Fire Marshall for review.  Upon his approval they will be forwarded to the county and we hope to have a permit in June.

During this time we have also built the storage building and are nearing completion of the shop renovation, which will give us space to work on projects throughout the year.  We have also been working on some of the needs in the old part of the facility, much of which will never be seen, but will maximize it's use, maintain it and keep operational costs lower in the future.
One of the unexpected projects in the old portion, will be the addition of sprinklers.  Although we were initially hoping we could avoid this, it appears that it will be a requirement.  We are currently evaluating the options, cost and approach to this.

When you arrive next you will notice changes already taking place, such as trees gone, the entry cover gone, mounds of dirt and trenches etc.  These things will become more evident each week up to the actual ground breaking, excavation and construction.

At some point in the next few weeks the main entrance to the lobby (west) will become unusable.  We are working on a plan to re-route you through what is now the office reception area, but we have to do some remodeling to make that work first.  While it is exciting it will also be inconvenient at times, so keep the end result in mind at those moments.  Thank you all for investing in the future of our kids and of Deer Flat.  Our best days are ahead!