Hello Deer Flat Family, 

If you’ve got a minute, I’d love to give you a quick update on what’s happening in the life of Deer Flat Church during this month of JUNE.  You’re going to love it…

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL – What a week and what an outstanding bunch of children that came through the door!  We are so fortunate and so spoiled!  Deer Flat has the most AMAZING VOLUNTEERS you could ever find.  In fact, there’s just no way that we could have pulled off the week without them.  They served with a big heart, loved the kids, invested themselves at all levels, and put a BIG WIN in the books.  This was the largest VBS we’ve ever had!  Julie and her team made a HUGE investment in these children, and with such joy.  The average attendance each day was 323.  Isn’t God good!


MIDDLE SCHOOL CAMP – This week we have a great group of Middle Schoolers at Camp Cascade.  The summer camps of Deer Flat are nothing short of amazing and life changing. This group of students are made up of both churched and unchurched.  These kids have done a great job of inviting their friends.  God is at work this week impacting hearts and lives of young people who will end up changing our world.  We are very committed to reaching children and students for Christ while they are still young, and then anchoring them in their walk and relationship with Jesus.  Because Camp Cascade belongs to Deer Flat, your giving is providing this camp and the investment being made in every camper.  CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR YOUR GENEROSITY! Once again, tremendous VOLUNTEERS helping us do what we couldn’t do without them.  Pray for an unforgettable spiritual encounter for everyone at camp.

THE NEW BUILDING – Final finishing touches are being put on this big project, and on JULY 8TH there will be an OPEN HOUSE to enjoy.  I will be giving you all of the latest information and so much more on the 8th as we talk about what God has been doing at Deer Flat Church over the past year.  This is one of those Sundays you don’t want to miss.  The end of June is the target date for having the building finished.  THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!

JUNE FINANCES – We have just finished the last Sunday of June and WE HIT THE TARGET BUDGETED FOR THE MONTH! YEA GOD! YEA DEER FLAT PEOPLE!  Once again, because of your kind generosity, this happened.  Words aren’t adequate to express the deep gratitude to all of you who give, pray and sacrifice.  I am the most fortunate pastor to be the shepherd of this wonderful flock!  You put a big toothy grin on my face when I think about you!


  • The NEW sermon schedule is out and you’ll find it on the Welcome Center.  It covers the rest of the summer thru November.
  • SAVE THE DATE – July 8th and August 26th are VERY IMPORTANT SUNDAYS at Deer Flat.  July 8th will give you lots of information about what’s been happening during the past year in the life of the church and the NEW BUILDING will be open for your enjoyment.  August 26th is our DAY OF DEDICATION AND CELEBRATION of the Children’s Ministry Center.  This will be one of the most meaningful and unforgettable days in the 110 year history of Deer Flat.  PLEASE DO ALL YOU CAN TO SAVE THESE DATES.  Make them a priority and then help us spread the word.

July is staring us in the face and I’m having a hard time believing that we are a third of the way through summer.  I confess, because of the summer solstice happening on the 21st of June – the longest day of the year – I have been a bit depressed knowing that the days are going to get shorter.  Where’s time going?  So, let’s make the most of every opportunity to be together during these Sundays of Summer.  Thanks for making Deer Flat Church such a great place to be a part of.  I LOVE MY CHURCH!  Can’t wait to see you Sunday - and don’t forget…


Loving You and Loving Him,
Pastor D