A few years ago, I had the privilege of speaking at the chapel service for the College of Idaho football team.  Having taken a year to get the program up and going, it was now the start of the first football season for C of I for many years.  It was a very exciting time, not only for the school, but for the city of Caldwell.

It was at that chapel service that I met Coach Mike Moroski. From that time on, I have been invited back each year to speak at the chapel services.  A few months ago, I sat with Coach Mosorski and had a very wonderful chat.  As a result, some doors have opened for Deer Flat to be able to step in and help make an investment in the lives of some outstanding young people.

One of the things that Deer Flat scores high marks in, is its love for students. So, let me share with you some of the ways we can really help make a difference in the lives of the football players at C of I.  These are straight from the coach:

·        40-50 new players, new to Caldwell, will be arriving July 6 for our mini camp.  They will be in town for 3 weeks.

·        Would you consider hiring some COI FB players to work?  Here’s some great reasons:  It provides a chance to…

Get to know some of the guys

Guys get a sense of earning their keep

Greater connection to the locale for them

Your folks (Deer Flat) get some necessary work, odd jobs done

Sense of supporting, in the right way, College Football players

Above all else – a different kind of access

So, there are a lot of hours that they are available. Part time work would be perfect.  Anything would be good.

 On July 23, we will have a significant number of the C of I football team worshiping with us in 2nd hour.  We will have a chance to welcome them and pray over them.  Then, we will host them for lunch.  This could be a wonderful and important relationship we can carry forward in investing in the lives of some young people who are away from home, and have an open heart toward God.

Let’s keep Coach Moroski and the Team in our prayers during these days, and let’s plan to throw some serious love on them July 23rd.  In the meantime, if you would like to provide some work for them, please contact Jessi Sams here at the office – 208.459.3845or jessisams@deerflat.org

There’s still time to get your children and Sr. High students registered for summer camp.  It’s easy to do by simply going to www.deerflat.org.

I can’t wait to see you this Sunday!

All For Jesus,

Pastor D