Hello To My Deer Flat Family!  I’ll get right to it…

Deer Flat Church was birthed 109 years ago. Most churches haven’t had the history and blessings that we’ve had.  God has certainly been gracious to us.  Since our birth in the field, we have seen Christ continue to build this church in more ways than the congregations ever asked or imagined.  Deer Flat has consistently been used by God to reach the lost and raise up high impact, low maintenance followers.  We remain committed to make heaven more crowded by being the front porch looking for prodigals who want to come home.

Together we have been committed to work hard to make Deer Flat a church where God gets both the credit and the glory.  We’re not about to change that!  But what I love so much about my church is the faithful dedication of a whole host of people who are unified in their passions to see this local church reach its full God given potential.  And it’s being done week after week.  Let me give you a glimpse with some updates and a look at the future.

College of Idaho Update – I couldn’t have been more proud of the Deer Flat gang that I was last Sunday. WOW!  You really came with you’re “A” game.  So many of you wore purple.  You outdid yourselves in throwing some serious love on all of the Football players!  Your warmth, love, greetings, and hospitality were all used to impact the lives of some 40 young men.  I had so many comments shared with me by these young athletes.  One of them said, “I had the most meaningful and amazing morning here.  I didn’t know what to expect.  This is the first time I’ve ever been to church in my life.”  THANK YOU DEER FLAT PEOPLE FOR BEING JESUS!  It was powerful and beautiful!  We will see a variety of these young men come back through our door.  There are some things we can do for these students throughout the coming school year.  Let me share a couple of thoughts from Coach Moroski that we can really get ahold of:

·         Rally your congregation around the Yotes by doing any of the following: Host them for a meal.  Attend a game.  Sponsor a
Tail Gate Party at the College a couple of hours before a home game. Continue to hire any of these players to do some work for you as the season comes to a close.

·         Help me rally some of the others churches to do what you at Deer Flat have been doing.

·         Let me know how I can be a help to your congregation

Building Expansion – Great News from Rick Day: “I just received notice that we should have a permit by end of next week!  We have also been given a green light to start excavation.  The excavator plans to be onsite on or before 8/7.”

Important People, Events and Dates:

·         August 22:  Senators Risch and Crapo will hold a Town Hall Meeting from 4:30-5:30 pm with Q&A to follow.  THIS IS A ONE ISSUE TOWN HALL.  IT CENTERS ON ISRAEL/US RELATIONS.  NO OTHER ISSUES WILL BE ENTERTAINED AT THIS PARTICULAR EVENT. Would each of you help us get this invite and information out t1o your email and social media lists?  Let’s pack the place out on August 22

·         August 22 – 7 pm: CUFI Event with special guest: Kasim Hafeez.  You will be deeply impacted as he shares his story of be a radicalized Muslim that was forever changed by his personal visit to Israel. 

·         September 17th: Bob Cornuke – Explorer and modern day Indiana Jones, will be speaking a both morning services and doing a second topic at 5 pm.

·         September 23 - Voice Of The Martyrs Conference at Deer Flat Church.  This will be an unforgettable day of hearing from great speakers about the realities of what is going on in the persecution of Christians in the 21st century.

·         October 13-14: Hope For Hurting People.  A weekend workshop that will be filled with hope and help for those who are hurting.  This will be a tremendous resource for those looking for people who specialize in dispensing real hope.  Key Note Speakers:  Ted and Gail Haggard

·         October 15 Special Guest Speakers: Ted and Gail Haggard for both morning services

 So, we continue to be a church full of Life!  These are great days for us at Deer Flat and as you can see, the future is very intriguing and exciting.  I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.  A GREAT LORD’S DAY AWAITS YOU AT DEER FLAT

 All For Jesus!

Pastor D