It’s Friday… and Sunday’s coming!  If you’ve got a few minutes I’ll get you caught up on some things that I think you’ll want to know…

HURRICANE HARVEY DISASTER RESPONSE – I’m sure that all of you have had the same feelings that Jer and I have had as we watch and listen to the reports of devastation coming out of Texas.  There is something that awakens in us that makes us want to do something.  It’s such a helpless feeling.  This Sunday we will be receiving an offering for the people of Texas.  Here’s what’s really great about this – 100% of what is given will be routed directly into the areas of greatest need.  We have a chance to help make a difference.  Let’s come prepared to be generous.  This is an extension of God’s heart towards people.  Your prayers make difference!

ONE SERVICE THIS LABOR DAY SUNDAY AT 10:30 – This will be a great Lord’s Day at Deer Flat.  We’ll be kicking off a new 2 part series:  A View From The Edge of Eternity. A meaningful morning awaits you.  Why not invite someone to experience Deer Flat with you?

A CHANCE TO HELP OUR SISTER CHURCH –OUT POST CHURCH -SEPTEMBER 10th – Many of you are familiar with our sister church in Boise called, NEW HEIGHTS.  New Heights is getting ready to launch a brand new effort in a brand new location, with a brand new name.  Its new name:  OUT POST.  Its new location: MERIDIAN.  Its Grand Opening: SEPTEMBER 10TH.  Their service for the next number of weeks will be at 6 pm.  We have a chance to help them get off to a strong start by attending their first service.  A couple of important things you may not be aware of:  Jeff and Amia Auw, former staff members at Deer Flat Church, are leading this flock.  We could give them a HUGE HUG by jumping in on September 10 and support their efforts.  Because the church services are in the evening, there may be some of you who could attend for several weeks and really help make this a strong launch.  Jeff and Amia will be with us this Sunday at Deer Flat, and we’ll get a chance to hear more about this.

HOPE FOR HURTING PEOPLE – You probably know a variety of people who are living with challenging situations, many of which seem to be hopeless.  I have never seen a time when so many people are hurting.  In spite of living in a time with such modern breakthrough’s, technology the helps make living easier, and many resources available to be a blessing, we continue to have large numbers of hurting people.  On October 13-14 “HOPE FOR HURTING PEOPLE” will be an opportunity to help hurting people in some very tangible ways.  There will be 12 different workshops with gifted and professional people who will be speaking into the many situations equipping, encouraging and resourcing people who attend.  Special Guest speakers will be TED AND GAIL HAGGARD.  Brochures are available this Sunday with a list of all the workshops addressing key issues and needs.  The Cost for the weekend is $25, but you’ll get a wealth of information and help.  I hope you’ll help us spread the word to those who could use some hope and some help!

VOICE OF THE MARTYERS CONFERENCE AND LOVE CALDWELL – SEPTEMBER 23 – Two outstanding opportunities await you in just a few weeks.

What a privilege for Deer Flat to host the Voice of the Martyrs conference.  Great speakers, great information, and a chance to really understand the level of persecution of Christians happening in our modern world.  I encourage you to take advantage of this awesome opportunity.

LOVE CALDWELL – The annual effort to care for and provide service for the marginalized of our city, will be happening at Canyon Springs High School, 516 N 211th St from 8am-3pm on September 23rd as well. Many of you are familiar with this effort.  Medical and Dental services will be provided.  Many different services will be provided.  Lots of volunteers help make a HUGE difference.  If you can volunteer or even avail yourself for a couple of hours, why not help lift the load.

By the way, you guys made a tremendous impact on our two US Senators when you turned out to the Town Hall.  It really spoke to them.  I’ll tell you a bit more about it on Sunday. I can’t wait to see you this Sunday.  I LOVE MY CHURCH!!

All For Jesus,

Pastor D