In 1775 the Continental Congress allocated a time for prayer in forming a new nation. Over the years, there have been calls for a day of prayer, including from President Abraham Lincoln in 1863. On April 17, 1952, President Harry Truman signed a bill proclaiming the National Day of Prayer into law in the United States

Many Christians are unaware that we live in a nation that has a law in place requiring our President proclaim a National Day of Prayer each year on the first Thursday in May. President Trump did that as the day began.

The President shall issue each year a proclamation designating the first Thursday in May as a National Day of Prayer on which the people of the United States may turn to God in prayer and meditation at churches, in groups, and as individuals. (Public Law 105-225)

The theme this year is For Your Great Name’s Sake! Hear Us... Forgive Us...Heal Us! Taken from Daniel 9:19, which says, “O Lord, Listen! O Lord, Forgive! O Lord, Hear and Act! For Your Sake, O My God...”. Scripture tells us again and again that our fervent prayer is effective. That our loving God responds to the earnest pleas of His children in mighty ways that avail much, and ultimately determine the course of history.

Have you been paying attention to what’s happening in our Nation? If ever there was a need for urgent and watchful prayer, it is now! We need to be watchful, especially as we see major changes happening worldwide on a daily basis. Many of us watch the daily news to see in the natural what is happening, but God wants us to watch and see spiritually what is occurring on the earth. It is an urgent time for all of us to get our lives in order before the Lord, become watchful in prayer, and find our position as God’s watchmen on the watchtower.

Intercessors are front-line soldiers. God is raising up watchmen in this hour because the need for prayer for our cities is urgent. Let the following grip your heart. This is adapted from George Otis, Jr., the founder of the research group, the Sentinel.

"If the Church is the Nations best hope, it must be awakened from its slumber and fast. Revival must become an urgent priority, not just a theological or historical curiosity. Its promotion must become the task of every pulpit, its implementation the responsibility of every believer. For this to happen, desperate intercessors must prevail upon God to provoke within His people a deep and widespread dissatisfaction with the religious status quo. 

The Church needs godly shepherds who will resolutely refuse to downplay the urgency of the hour and the seriousness of the present condition. She requires committed prophets who will seize every opportunity to acknowledge with Ezekiel: ‘Our offenses and sins weigh us down, and we are wasting away because of them’ (Ezekiel 33:10). We have come to the point, both as individuals and as a Church, where we can no longer coast on the momentum of past deeds and choices. Our relationship with God has become fallow, and it can only become fruitful again through true repentance and unreserved obedience. 

In this unsettled hour, the eyes of the Lord are upon His people. Will He find faith in the earth? Will He find a hunger for His presence? Will He find a ready remnant through whom He can speak to the nations and their leaders? Let us press in to hear what the Spirit has to say to the Church. If this requires us to suspend, at least temporarily, some of our most cherished routines - let us seize the moment!”

 Friends, you and I are in a serious spiritual war. Failing to take our post during these days of uncertainty could lead to serious consequences. We must be vigilant and not apathetic, careful and not lax. We must watch with a serious gaze to hear and see all that God is saying and doing. Our families, our churches, and our nations are important. 

If watchmen do not keep their post on a ship during serious weather conditions, it could mean the loss of the ship and every person on board. Remember the Titanic which sank very quickly because the watchmen were not doing their job. Let’s learn to concentrate on prayer, listening with expectation, and seize this urgent moment as we keep our watch in prayer. I invite you to join myself and others every Sunday morning between 8-9 in Room 13 for a time of prayer.

 If you haven’t had a chance to pray for our Nation today, why not do it before you call it a night.  It really will make a difference.  I can’t wait to see you this Sunday!

All For Jesus,

Pastor D




Hi to my friends and soon-to-be-friends in Caldwell and Nampa vicinity,

I can't tell you what an honor it is to be doing what I enjoy most – making music that inspires joy and makes God smile.  And if I can make you smile too, that's just icing on the cake.  And having your choir participating with me is the cherry on top of the icing.  

Some of you are acquainted with me, my musical style, personality, etc. Others are not. But for all of you, this two-minute video bite (below) will give you a sense of what this experience will be like.   

One more thought:  Could I strongly encourage you to simply "Forward" this email to your friends and acquaintances so they know where it's all happening.  If they are involved at this time with their church, that's where they need to be.  But, maybe even call a couple of non-emailers.  They'll be glad you took the time.      Detail:  Deer Flat Church 17703 Beet Rd, Caldwell ID, 83607 - May 7th at 6:00pm

EnJoying the Joy,

Jerry Nelson

Now click on this link:

An Evening to be Remembered

You might recognize some of these who have shared their experience with us …

"Jerry, you're a gift to the Body of Christ!  Our people fell in love with you and your music.  Best of all, you led us in worship . . . with your anointed talent, compelling presentation, and gracious spirit."             

Mark Fuller / Sr. Pastor / Grove City Church of the Nazarene

"Jerry, you are an excellent musician . . . one who stands out in my career . . . and you present Christ with such clarity. You're a great inspiration to me and thousands around the world."          

Dino Kartsonakis / Concert Pianist

"Jerry, you've certainly been blessed with an incomparable talent and an ability to engage those who have yet to come to the faith.  And I like your verbal interludes.  They have a sanctified Garrison Keelor feel.  Had I paid $100 a ticket, it would be too little."           

Randall E Davey / Layman - Career Development Supervisor

"A Christian musician can go anywhere ONCE.  But my people are asking - when can Jerry return for a third concert. . . ministry impact, enhanced performance video tracks and musical artistry. . ."     

Tom Hartley / Exec. Pastor of Worship, Desert Springs Church. Conductor, Desert Springs Symphony, Palm Desert, CA.