It’s July, that’s why! And I’m loving it because…

·         You can sip lemonade in the shade

·         You can graze your way through the fruits and vegetables locally grown.  I wait all year long for the fruit season to arrive.  I work my way through the strawberries, cherries, apricots, berries, peaches, nectarines, watermelon, plums and wrap it up with the apples as we head into Fall.

·         You can catch an outdoor movie and enjoy a wonderful summer night

·         You can float the river – many to choose from

·         You can visit the Farmers Market

·         Why not do a spontaneous road trip.  They have this thing called a “Cost 2 Drive Calculator” and all you do is put in where you want to go in Idaho (or wherever) and it will tell you what it will cost to make the trip.  You can also access the top motels and food places along the way and maps.  Here’s the website:  

·         You can have the GREATEST CHILDREN’S CAMP in Idaho – Camp Cascade.  You can sign your child up and grab all of the information about it right here:  Wednesday is the deadline

·         You can host the COLLEGE OF IDAHO YOTES FOOTBALL TEAM at a church service.  Yep, July 23, 2nd Service.  LET’S MAKE THEM FEEL AT HOME BY WEARING SOMETHING PURPLE THAT DAY.

·         You can catch a meaningful church service at Deer Flat Church – and, meet some of the greatest people on the face of the earth.

So, you can see why I love July.  I hope you’ll have a chance to get away for a bit just to catch your breath and find some refreshment.  THANK YOU TO THE WHOLE DEER FLAT FAMILY FOR HELPING US STAY STRONG THROUGHOUT THE SUMMER.  WE COULDN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOU!

I know I tell you often, but I Love My Church – Really!  I can’t wait to see you Sunday.  Come expecting a great day!

All For Jesus,

Pastor D