When our current worship center was built, in 1997, the hope and plan was to have a phase 2.  A year and half ago we voted and made plans to continue that vision and now 20 years later it is becoming reality.

Here is a brief update of where we are.  Our roof system has been completed, framing is about 95% complete, electricians and plumbers are on site, HVAC is being installed, the fire sprinkler system is progressing, our vestibule doors are being installed, windows will be going into fabrication, interior door frames are being installed and sidewalks are being poured.  By the first part of March we should be insulating, hanging sheet rock, and installing brick on the front entry and most of the concrete work should be done.

This reality is only possible because of your prayers, help and financial sacrifice.  Although we were hit with an unexpected cost of $140,000 to add sprinklers to the old portion of the building, we still hope to hold the total cost as close to the original $3.0 million as possible.  To date we have received over $1.0 million of the $1.7 million pledged in cash!  Our hope remains to be debt free by the end of 2020.

Thank you to all who have donated meals, snacks and beverages for the workers.  They have been extremely grateful and an impact is being made on them about who we are as a church!

More changes are yet to come.  Next week we will build a temporary wall in the lobby which will allow us to do the necessary demolition on the wall between the new and old.  This will remain throughout the balance of the project, so be patient with us.  As the weather allows we will begin to do some work on the parking lot and there may be sections unavailable at times.

This Sunday, Julie will lead her kids through the new building and they will be writing their names on the interior siding and frame work.  Next Sunday, February 18th, you will have an opportunity, following each service, to go out and write a prayer or scripture for these children and/or the future of our children’s ministry.  This will literally cover the project in prayer.
A few more unrelated items:

  • We would like to update our Business Directory.  If you are a regular attender of Deer Flat and own or operate a business, please consider providing your information at the link below to be added.  This can be a helpful resource to our Deer Flat family as well as potentially bring you new business.  BUSINESS DIRECTORY FORM
  • As our church family grows, we would love to have your input for classes, studies, events or activities that are of interest to you.  Please complete this survey and when things that are relative to your responses occur we can notify you. SURVEY
  • Finally there was some confusion last week concerning the printed directory we talked about.  Beginning sometime in March, we will make printed directories “with pictures” available upon request.  Although our emphasis will be on the online directory, we understand that not everyone has that ability or desire.  More info will come on this later.

Thank you for being “the Church” in every way!
Rick Day
Executive Administrator