I’m sure that you’ve been paying attention to the natural disasters that are happening in our Nation.  Some 80 fires burning out of control, Hurricane Harvey‘s continuing to disrupt lives at an enormous level, and millions of people in Florida and the East Coast working diligently to avoid Irma.  Wow.  If you let it, this can feel very overwhelming.  The levels of these disasters remind us how enormously powerful nature can be, and at the same time expose how helpless it can make a person feel.

We are so fortunate to have such tremendous people who make up our Nation.  The willingness of people to drop what they are doing, roll up their sleeves and risk their own lives to help save people is no small thing.  There is something to be said about the human spirit and love of your neighbor.  The stories that arise out of disasters are nothing short of impacting and touching.  Such is the saga of Harvey.  People who have driven for miles delivering supplies, and bringing love.  Others have thrown caution to the wind, counted the cost and decided they can do nothing less, giving everything they have to help make a difference.  Millions more have reached into their pockets and given generously. 

Thank you to all of you who gave last Sunday to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  Over $5000 was given.  God will turn that money into changed lives and changed situations.  He is at work, using countless churches, organizations, ministries, people of faith and people of good will, to bring good out of tragedy.

With the Northwest seemingly burning up, have you found yourself praying for rain?  I want to encourage you to pray and intercede, asking God to watch over people, add His favor to the enormous efforts being put forth to extinguish the fires, and to reroute the storms.  Pray that God will put His hand of protection on our Nation.

North Korea is planning another ICBM missile test on Saturday – pray.  The threats continue and we need a divine intervention in this situation.  Nikki Haley said it so well last weekend speaking about the leader of N. Korea, “Enough is enough. Kim Jong Un is begging for war.”  Who knows, it may well be that God will use these times and situations to bring our nation together.  We certainly need to be unified.  So, pray.  Stay informed, then pray some more.  By the way, I invite you to stop by Room 13 each Sunday morning between 8:30-9:30 and spend some time praying.  It will definitely make a difference.

A few other items of interest:


            9 a.m.  Israel Trip Information Meeting in the Lobby.  Jer and I would love to have you travel with us on the next trip scheduled for February of ‘18

            College of Idaho pre game tail gate - As many of you remember, we had a number of football players from the College of Idaho join us at church a few weeks ago. Their first home game is Saturday, September 9th and we are going to do a Tailgate Party to show our support for them. We have one of our own who plays on the team and would love to encourage other players to attend Deer Flat!Set up starts at 9 am and have food ready to go at 11 am. The game begins at 1 pm. You are welcome to purchase tickets and attend the game or stay at the Tailgate and listen to it on the radio.

WHAT TO BRING:Deer Flat will be providing pulled pork sliders.

Bring your chairs, water or sodas (no alcohol) and a side to share with others.  We will be in spots E4 and E6 - come and join us!

SEPTEMBER 17 – Special Guest Bob Cornuke.  It’s always a great time when explorer Bob Cornuke comes to Deer Flat.  Bob will be speaking Sunday morning about THE SEARCH FOR THE LOST ARK OF THE COVENANT and then at 5 p.m. POTENTIAL PROOF OF THE LOCATION OF GOLGOTHA ANDTHE CRUCIFIXION.  This is one of those times to really invite your friends and neighbors to experience Deer Flat.

SEPTEMBER 23 – VOICE OF THE MARTYERS CONFERENCE AND LOVE CALDWELL – Two great events are happening.  Both are difference making.  Plan to get involved in one or the other and I promise, you’ll truly receive a HUGE blessing.

OCTOBER 13-14 – HOPE FOR HURING PEOPLE.  You’ll be hearing much more about this in the coming weeks, but we all know people who are hurting.  This is designed to be a big asset to those who are looking for hope and have been striking out.  Gifted professionals will be hosting 12 workshops.  Ted and Gail Haggard will speak Friday evening, workshops and closing session on Saturday.  All of the information and a chance to sign up can happen by simply going to www.deerflat.org/events

I can’t wait to see you this Sunday.  Until then, pray and stay informed!

All For Jesus,

Pastor D