DFY Mexico Mission Trip 2018



Information Packet

 TRAVEL- June 3th-9th. We are going to be flying from Boise to San Diego where we will pick up rented vehicles that are legally insured to drive in Mexico. From the airport we will drive to the Door of Faith Orphanage in La Mision, Baja California, Mexico. We will be staying at the Orphanage all week. This is a very safe, fully contained facility that includes boys and girls dormitories, dining facilities, bathrooms, showers & meeting areas for our group.  Each student & volunteer must have a passport for this trip. The process for getting a passport can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks +, we recommend you start this process ASAP. 

COST-$750/individual $650/parent with teen to cover flight, van rentals & other travel expenses, food, lodging, and ministry costs. 

There will be opportunities for fundraising. However, we do need to give a deposit to the airlines to secure plane tickets, so we do ask for a $100 non-refundable deposit per attendee by Jan 17th.

PLAN- We will be holding meetings for Deer Flat Students and Volunteers leading up to this missions trip. Meetings will consist of praying for the trip, cultural education, missions program planning and preparation, etc. 

PURPOSE-To glorify God, share the gospel and love of Jesus Christ with the children who live at Door of Faith Orphanage (DOFO) and surrounding community, to grow in being more like Jesus.  

ABOUT DOFO-Door of Faith Orphanage (DOFO) is located in La Mision, Baja California, Mexico--approximately one hour south of the U.S. border crossing at San Diego. La Mision is roughly half way between the cities of Rosarito and Ensenada. DOFO is a non-denominational, evangelical Christian orphanage.  And although they are called an ‘orphanage’ many of the children who live there are not technically considered orphans. 90% of the children they care for are brought to them by Mexican Social Services. Many of the children have been abandoned or come from abusive homes. Some of the children are there because their parents simply can no longer care for them. If the children are there due to financial hardship the parents are encouraged to come visit their children as often as possible and occasionally the families are even reunified. All of the school-aged children (about 80) who live at DOFO attend public school. In addition to the education they receive at local schools DOFO also has teachers on site who assist the students with homework, offer tutoring and providing special services. However, DOFO’s largest mission is to provide a loving family atmosphere and environment to raise the children. To learn more about DOFO feel free to visit their website: www.DOFO.org.

Questions, Comments or Concerns? 

                Martin Flaherty               (208) 353-2500                martinflaherty@deerflat.org

                Heather Webster             (208) 899-0586               heatherwebster@deerflat.org