Miguel’s Life Group

Vision: We hope to develop strong friendships of mutual trust where we can rely on one another in life's circumstances. We will discuss with group members to decide how to reach out to our community; however, supporting a specific mission or praying for neighbors. We will grow spiritually by sharing God's Word, our personal experiences and seeing Him work through answered prayer.

Life Group Format: Our plan is to have a brief time to socialize, then open the group meeting with prayer, review the Pastor's message through Sermon Based Studies and then discuss it along with scripture. Then we would like to take time for prayer requests from members of the group. To end the meeting as well as have light refreshments.

*No Children

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Day's LIFE Group Card.jpg

Day’s Life Group

Vision: To provide a safe, comfortable place to meet, eat, pray, study, share, and do life together. To be a group of individuals who are actively involved with each other, the church and the community. To be a group who works together to help each other or others.

Life Group Format: We will always share what is going on in our lives and how we can pray for and hold each other up. We regularly have snacks and occasionally eat meals together. We will endeavor to have a regular study time, but the needs of the members will be priority. We will have fun together!

*No Childcare

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Rodriguez's Life Group Card.jpg

Rodriguez’s Life Group

Vision: To do our part in order to fulfill the Great Commission.

Life Group Format: Be committed to reaching out to the lost by showing the love of Jesus Christ. We will be doing this by teaching others how to share the gospel, and their testimony. We will hold multiple groups throughout the week at different locations. Bilingual available if needed. Call for more information.

*Open to children

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Williamson's Life Group Card.jpg

Williamson’s Life Group

Vision: Our group will bring parents together through prayer, sharing, study, laughter, food...LIFE. Since our home is located in close proximity to the church, we saw an opportunity to offer a place where parents can find a community of their own while their children are involved with the Deer Flat Youth night.

Life Group Format: We'll use Deer Flat Life Group resources. For the 1st 8 weeks, we'll use the study The Art of Parenting from Family Life.

*Open to children

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Skogsberg's Life Group Card.jpg

Skogsberg’s Life Group

Vision: Serve together in church and community activities while growing together through God’s Word.

Life Group Format: We will spend time catching up with casual conversation while we have coffee and a light snack. Grow together studying God’s word and maybe watching a short video Bible lesson. At the end of the night we will share each other’s needs and pray together. Studies will be from Deer Flat Library.

*No Childcare

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Church's Life Group Card.jpg

Church’s Life Group

Vision: Our Life Group will hopefully draw people who are not yet connected to a life group, and possibly not met each other that live in the Homedale, Wilder, Parma area.

Life Group Format: We plan to come together to share life through fellowship, prayer, study of God’s word for a deeper understanding, and to promote a heart of service to our church, communities, and each other. We plan to begin with sermon based studies and discussion each week and also use any life group resources available.

*Open to Children

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Bitter's LIFE Group Card.jpg

Bitter’s Life Group

Vision: We want to have a group with whom to share life, so we envision other parents of school aged children. We would welcome other age groups as God leads. I think people will become more others-focused as we share needs and grow in God together.

Life Group Format: We will use the online resource for Bible studies that Deer Flat offers. Likely, one family will lead a group through a study, then another family can take over. We have Veggie Tales, and What’s in the Bible DVD’s for kids. We will have snacks each week as well.

*Open to Children

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Harmon's LIFE Group Card.jpg

Harmon’s Life Group

Vision: We believe relationships will be based upon belonging to a safe authentic group where people can be open and honest about themselves. The goal will be to have each member gain a deeper understanding and application of the pastor’s message into their lives.

Life Group Format: It is expected that the group will start with an open time of visiting between members, along with snacks that are provided before, during and after the small group. After a time of visiting the group we will use ice breakers before moving to a sermon based study.

*No Childcare

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Seaman's LIFE Group Card.jpg

Seaman’s Life Group

Vision: We envision an intimate group that prays for each other; sharing burdens, celebrating victories and enhancing our life in Jesus. Our community will change when we employ workplace ministry by our words, thoughts and actions. In our daily lives, small groups empower us to do this through prayer and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Life Group Format: Use Sermon Based Studies and further a discussion each week from a series given at Deer Flat Church. Talk together, pray together, grow together, and eat by rotating members bringing dessert.

*No Childcare

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Sipantzi's LIFE Group Card.jpg

Sipantzi’s Life Group

Vision: To expose God’s Word in an effort to know God better and in so doing understand how God’s Word applies to our daily lives. Hopefully it will enhance our prayer lives so that we can pray/support each other in the good times and the hard times of our lives. We are presently studying the Book of Acts.

Life Group Format: We have light snacks provided by whoever is hosting for that time and conversation before we dig into God’s Word and close with a time of prayer.

*No Childcare

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Crotser's LIFE Group Card.jpg

Crotser’s Life Group

Vision: We are looking to create an atmosphere where individuals and couples, 20-somethings, can find friendship while growing in their faith.

Life Group Format: We will meet for a time of Bible study. Our Group is currently doing Sermon Based Studies, sharing about life and how we can pray for each other. We also get together for monthly activities (bowling, game nights, river float trip). Our first series will be a 6 week series called Counter Culture by David Platt.

*Childcare available during normal service times

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Horrell Townsend Life Group Card.jpg

Horrell/Townsend Life Group

Vision: To raise awareness and help mobilize church people to impact the public arena with fundamental Christian values on social-spiritual issues.

Life Group Format: Our Group will watch videos about important social-spiritual-political issues such as Public Day of Prayer, and other public prayer events, Pro-life (anti-abortion) Pro-Creationism (anti-evolution-humanism) and many other great social topics. We plan to have only one meeting a month, or at the most two.


*No Childcare

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Lashbrook's Life Group Card.jpg

Lashbrook’s Life Group

Vision: My Vision is that women of all ages and stages gathering together for food and fellowship, learning how to prepare healthy meals for themselves and their families that energize and satisfy both their appetites and their souls.

Life Group Format: We will eat together, cook together, pray together and grow healthier together. There will probably even be a field trip to the grocery store! This will be a 7 week study going through the Trim Healthy Mama Plan Book.

*Open to Children

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