Deer Flat operates as a "Society" under the Free Methodist Book of Discipline (available in the church library) and the Bylaws of The Deer Flat Free Methodist Church, Inc. Deer Flat is incorporated in the state of Idaho.  A nominee for the Board of Directors must be an official member in good standing, give regularly (tithe), attend regularly and complete the Leadership Development Course.


The Board of Directors consists of nine elected leaders and is chaired by the Lead Pastor. Each director serves a three year term. They provide oversight for the affairs of the church in cooperation with the staff and the membership of the church.

  Tim Auw  - 2019

Tim Auw - 2019

  Paul Bull  - 20120

Paul Bull - 20120

  Lori Church  - 2021

Lori Church - 2021

  Oscar Evans  - 2019

Oscar Evans - 2019

  Tony Greer  - 2019

Tony Greer - 2019

  Curtis Johnson  - 2021

Curtis Johnson - 2021

  John McGee  - 2020

John McGee - 2020

  David Orias  - 2021

David Orias - 2021

  Janssen Tiegs  - 2020

Janssen Tiegs - 2020