Martin Flaherty   -  

The group of 80 weary travelers disembarked the Southwest Airlines flight into the Boise airport. Their 7-day mission trip in Mexico now over; they made their way to the baggage claim and were suddenly face to face with dozens and dozens of family and friends, balloons and signs welcoming them all home! It was a beautiful site to behold. Moms hugging kids, dads looking proud, both peppering the participants with questions. The sounds of homecoming and interrogating were boisterous and jovial and out of place in a small airport late at night with everything else closed down. But it didn’t take away from the joy everyone had.
This was Deer Flat Church just 10 days ago, tired, happy, proud, home. They were home from a life changing mission trip that for some will lead them to return to Mexico in the future, or for others to even pursue fulltime missions as a calling. I love Deer Flat Church; I love that nearly 10% of our weekly church attendance went on a mission trip together. I love all the relationships and memories that were made. I love that we helped seven different Christian mission organization in Baja, three of which were orphanages. I was proud to help organize the trip that poured foundations, taught children, painted buildings, laid tile, fed orphans, and literally blazed desert trails. I’ll admit it wasn’t all perfect (we lost some passports and van keys and hunted scorpions and tarantulas) but it definitely was all worth it! Take a look at this VIDEO with pics from the trip.
Good job Deer Flat Church! You served others, pushed back darkness, and made God smile! Let’s find ways to do that in Idaho too. And speaking of that, I want to highlight a couple of events:

1. Deer Flat’s Fall Connection Dinner!
This is an event for everyone who would like to become more involved with Deer Flat Church or know about the opportunities to be more involved. Whether you have been attending Deer Flat for a few days or a few decades; we hope you will sign up, join us, and learn more! It is on Sunday evening, 5-7pm with dinner and childcare. No cost, but please bring a smile with you to share.
You can REGISTER HERE or visiting our EVENTS PAGE.

2. Compassion Caldwell has volunteer opportunities to help out at its upcoming medical and dental clinic. Many of you have served at this clinic in the past and it is supported by Deer Flat Church.
The 2022 clinic will be held on August 27th from 9:00 to 3:00 at Elevate Academy in Caldwell. You can find out more about Compassion Caldwell by watching this video 
This year, the clinic is in particular need of servants who can give haircuts. The clinic also needs additional volunteers in the following areas: Kids Care, Set Up and Take Down, Food Service, Prayer, and especially Interpreters (Spanish). SIGN UP HERE. Please pray for this clinic, the volunteers and the guests it will serve. What a wonderful blessing it is to our community!