Ryan Stoops   -  

Dear Church,

I’m calling on all our prayer warriors, it’s come to my attention that the Caldwell school district is considering a new proposed policy for Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation (click here to review). To be clear, our public institutions are facing a new day of legal challenges/liabilities and must address things that we’ve never delt with in the past. This said, hard decisions will need to be made to protect our children and we want to pray that we fall on the right side of these issues. For those that would like to watch the last board meeting discussing this proposed policy, you can jump to the 36th minute of the last recorded board meeting (video link here).


Here’s a few ways we can be involved:

  • Get informed and seek to understand (read the proposed policy linked above)
  • Pray, pray, pray!!!
    • Pray for wisdom for the school board (they will be responsible for their decisions)
    • Pray for wisdom for the administration & educators (they will be directed to live by whatever decision are made)
    • Pray for the students (they are making their choices heavily influenced by the world that they are growing up in)
    • Pray for our community to be engaged in a peaceful and helpful way
    • Pray for God to use this entire situation for His glory
  • For those who live and have children in this district – consider attending the next school board meeting (1/9) and graciously engaging in the conversation.


Let me encourage us all with this, God is on His throne and no decision made by man will ever take that away. That said, he gave us a brain, a mouth, hands, and feet so let’s use them for His glory!


Pastor Ryan