Ryan Stoops   -  

In 2022 we celebrated the miracle of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, a victory for millions of babies. With that enormous decision a new era was ushered in, a time where states will independently decide for themselves where life begins. It’s with a grateful heart that we find ourselves living in Idaho, a people that are leading the way for life for all people.

Shortly after the Supreme Court decision was made, I met with our local pregnancy care centers to see how we, the church, could step in to be of support. Their response was “soon, very soon…” As I sat with Stanton Health Healthcare, they shared how this major court decision immediately led to them seeing an increase in young moms utilizing their life-giving services while at the same time Planned Parenthood in Boise closed up their operations. As we both took a moment for a praise break over this good news, she went on to explain that this also meant that Planned Parenthood wouldn’t go away quietly. With the closure of their Boise operations, Planned Parenthood began to set plans in order for opening up a new clinic in Ontario, Oregon in hopes that they could provide abortions for any Idaho residents who would choose to cross the state line. Like a good optimist, Stanton Healthcare saw what looked like a disappointing situation as a new opportunity. In response, Stanton made plans of their own to create a mobile clinic that they could set up in Fruitland, Idaho sitting just across from the new Planned Parenthood. Wow, what an opportunity!!!

But, when opportunity knocks, who answers the door? Remember when I asked Stanton how the church could be of support, they responded, “soon, very soon…” That soon is now knocking on our door. On Tuesday, February 28th (6pm-7:30pm), Stanton is hosting an informational meeting for any who would like to volunteer with this new mobile clinic. For those who would like to be a part of that informational meeting, please mark your calendar and RSVP your attendance here – https://form.jotform.com/230377623465156

As we celebrate the good news of what Stanton is doing with this new mobile clinic, let us consider how God may be inviting us to join Him in the fight for life. And whether you can serve this particular cause with your time, talents, and treasures or not, let us continue to be prayer warriors for both babies and mommas (daddy’s too) everywhere.

For His glory!