Martin Flaherty   -  

Helping the Church Feel Smaller as It Grows Larger.

More and more people are moving to the communities around Deer Flat Church.  The church is growing as people who come to visit then come back to stay finding their new church home at Deer Flat.  This is fantastic and we love that we are a healthy church with quality ministries and welcoming, friendly atmosphere where other followers of Jesus want to worship and learn too.  As the church gets bigger with more and more people attending, what can be done to retain some of the smaller church feeling of knowing others and being known?

The answer is connection.  Being connected to others in the church family where you feel like you know people and they know you.  Being able to worship with others, serve with others, and talk with others about life beyond the weather comes with connectivity.  When people begin attending a new church because they moved, or for any reason, it can be a struggle to feel connected and get to know other Christians.  What can a person do to get more connected?

There are so many ways to get connected at Deer Flat beyond the worship services such as Sunday School classes, ministry teams, midweek Bible studies, special events, and serving.

  • If you aren’t currently connected to Deer Flat Church beyond Sunday morning services, choose one of the above ways to get more connected. You may not think you need to be more connected (though you REALLY do) but I promise that your presence and participation will foster more connectivity for those people who are wanting more connection.  Connection to people like you.
  • If you are already connected to Deer Flat beyond Sunday services invite others to join you in what you are doing. Invite them to your class, or your group, or to serve with you on a ministry team.  They don’t have to say yes, but if they are looking for connections they might just come and check it out at the very least.  And who know what God might do then?!
  • Lastly, I just want to encourage all of us to say a prayer for our church. Thank God for something about Deer Flat for which you are grateful.  Pray for our volunteers each Sunday who help in so many ways like kids’ ministry, media/tech, library, greeters; Deer Flat can’t do what it does each week without them.  Pray for the lost and prodigals that our Father wants to reach through Deer Flat this year.

So, go to our website, poke around a little bit.  Find an event or class or something where you might bring connection and at the same time get more connected and help our growing church feel smaller.

May our God continue to bless you and guide you in all your endeavors.

Pastor Martin Flaherty