Ryan Stoops   -  

Despite my efforts to wear bright clothes and ask the church to join me in beckoning spring to come early, we have and continue to welcome more snow. Even though my hands and feet remain cold, my heart is warmed by the realization that God has provided more than enough irrigation for our valley. Let us rejoice, as many of you remember where we stood one year ago today with great fear and trepidation that we may not have our needed allotment for the agriculture season. And truth be told, spring will be here (March 20th) before we know it. In fact, we are just over 4 weeks away from Easter, the greatest celebration of all time. As believers, we stake our entire faith on this event, Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead to give us eternal life.

Today’s note is an opportunity to prepare you for the coming weeks ahead. Beginning this Sunday, we will be starting our Easter sermon series, The Great Exchange. The events that led to Resurrection Sunday are full of stories of exchanges – the act of giving one thing and receiving another. And the resurrection of our Lord and Savior is a story of the greatest exchange ever. A story where Jesus gave His life in exchange for new life, eternal life.

Together let’s gear up and begin preparing now for what God might want to do this Easter season. So, in addition to searching for that new Easter outfit, join me in praying over our upcoming weekend services as I’m believing for many to make commitments to Christ. Seek the Lord and ask who He might want you to invite to this series and to our Easter morning service. The following is the upcoming series and calendar schedule:

  • Sunday, March 12th, The Great Exchange – Betrayed (Mk. 14:3-11)
  • Friday, March 17th, Alive after 55 Movie Night – Moses (Register Here)
  • Sunday, March 19th, The Great Exchange – Christ in the Passover (special guest presentation of the Seder meal w/corporate communion)
  • Sunday, March 26th, The Great Exchange – Trading Places (Lk. 23:13-25)
  • Sunday, April 2nd, The Great Exchange – Regime Change (Mt. 21:1-13)
  • Saturday, April 8th, Kids Egg-Stravaganza (an amazing presentation of the Gospel with an egg hunt following)
  • Sunday, April 9th, Lizard Butte Easter Sunrise Service (
  • Sunday, April 9th, The Great Exchange – New Identity (Gal. 2:15-21)

What a mighty God we serve and what an offer He has extended to us. I can’t wait to see you this Sunday so don’t forget to go to bed a bit early this Saturday as we Spring Forward (day lights savings time).

You are loved,
Pastor Ryan