Rick Day

Executive Administrator

Rick Day is the Executive Administrator of Deer Flat Church in Caldwell, ID & Camp Cascade in Donnelly, ID. Rick has been at Deer Flat over 20 years and is responsible for all operations including staffing, facilities, finances & technology. Deer Flat is a church of over 1000 in regular attendance and situated in a unique way to minister to the surrounding community. He also serves on the Finance Committee of The River Conference of the Free Methodist Church.

He works closely with the Lead Pastor, Executive team, Finance Team and Board of Directors to accomplish the mission and vision of the church, as well as planning for the future.

Prior to becoming a church administrator, he worked in retail management for almost 20 years with Macy’s, Mervyns, Kmart, and others. This secular management experience was a great asset in navigating the unique needs of church “business”.

Rick has been married to Anita for 41 years and has 2 sons and 5 grandchildren.