Biblical Counseling

a ministry of change

Real People... Real Problems... Real Hope

Welcome to the Biblical Counseling Ministry of Deer Flat Church. It is our joy to help real people with real problems and real hope through God's Word. It is never easy to ask for help. If you think you might beneft from biblical counseling, read on. It is our prayer that God will allow us to walk with you, building more hope and direction into your life.


Our Goal in counseling is to make the Gospel relevant by connecting our members and our community to the life-transforming power of Jesus Christ. We are confident that through the Scriptures and the power of His Spirit, God has given us everything we need for life in godliness (2 Peter 1:3-4). It is our joy to help real people with real problems using the Bible.

Our vision for counseling is larger than a few one-on-one sessions with a counselor. Rarely does lasting change happen in isolation. As a part of counseling we will likely encourage your involvement in the body of Christ, the church, in a variety of ways as we walk together. Our approach focuses on helping you identify how your beliefs, values and desires express themselves in your emotions, relationships, decision making, and identity (Proverbs 4:23; Matthew 6:21; Luke 6:45).

Our commitment as a church is to offer counseling services to church members and those in the local community. We are committed to helping others glorify God with their thoughts, words and actions through the community of faith. This is made possible by the redemptive power of Jesus Christ, the comfort and guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the instruction of God’s Word. Your counseling will be biblical counseling in which the Scriptures are held as the final authority in all matters. If your are unfamiliar with the biblical counseling process, you will have the option of attending one or two sessions to discover how we may help you.


Abuse adult/childhood


Anger and Bitterness

Anxiety and Stress

Childhood Problems

Christian Growth


Death and Dying



Fear and Worry



Guilt and Shame





Relational Conflicts





The first step in the counseling process is to complete a request for counseling or by calling the church office . The intake form is designed to:

  1. Help us know you in a comprehensive, holistic, and efficient manner
  2. Help you organize your thoughts and expectations

Once we receive your request you will be contacted with the next steps on how to begin the process. Depending on your situation, we may suggest other ministry services to help you. There is a one time fee of $25 to cover the cost of materials and resources. However, all counseling is gladly offered free of charge. Counseling sessions typically last an hour. Childcare is not provided. We look forward to walking with you through God’s agenda for your life.

Schedule An Appointment

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please click on the button to complete the questionnaire. The form will go directly to a counselor and they will follow up with you as soon as possible. We have male and female counselors available.

Counseling Hours


9 am - 4 pm


9 am - 4 pm


9 am - 8 pm


9 am - 12 pm

Earnie Lewis

Director of Biblical Counseling