Martin Flaherty   -  

It’s cheesy I know, but still, I want to tell you about it and give you opportunity to go with us next time to serve, grow, and bring the heart of Deer Flat to bless our brothers and sisters in the small country of Belize.

Last week Rick Day, Matt Pierson, and I spent five days traveling in Belize scouting possible mission projects that would allow us to invest in the kingdom work being done there and future generations of Christ followers.  We learned that a huge door open to spreading the gospel in Belize is education.  Christian schools of all ages are conduits for teaching about Jesus and the Bible.  What we found most interesting is the role of the government of Belize in these schools.  We were told by the leaders there that if the church buys the property and builds the school, the government will pay for the teachers’ salaries and classroom supplies! As a result, the country has many Christian schools organized and run by churches. How awesome is that!?

We met with two organizations that are working together to bring a Christian preschool to the coastal town of Dangriga, Belize.  Starfish Children’s Outreach and the Nazarene Church of Belize started building a new two-story facility to love and educate preschoolers in a rough neighborhood that needs the light of Jesus.  They started the construction in 2019 before Covid interrupted timelines, materials, travel, and set back progress.  Now, they are hoping to finish the school and welcome new children in August 2023.  We are believing this can be a reality with the people of Deer Flat Church going and giving them the help they need to wrap up this project and get it across the finish line.

Next summer we are excited to offer two mission trips for people who want to join us in making this Christian preschool a reality for the church and children in Dangriga.  We want to bring the generous heart and hard work of Deer Flat Church in Idaho to Belize.  So, prayerfully think about it, talk to your family and friends about it, imagine a future reality where you take a trip to Belize to benefit the Kingdom in reaching children and families in the name of Jesus.  And who knows what God just might do in your own heart too?

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