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Did you know that Deer Flat owns a Christian Camp in Donnelly, ID? Camp Cascade began because of the desire and generosity of a family who wanted to have a Christian Camp for local Free Methodist churches. Since that time it has had countless families from Deer Flat and our sister churches donate time, resources, money and knowledge to help make it what it is today. There is a great video that highlights the camps history. It is a few years old, but I think is worth watching. WATCH NOW.

The camp was originally owned by The Columbia River Conference who then merged with The River Conference. In 2014, because of the size and expanse of The River Conference, Deer Flat was given the opportunity to become the owner/operator. Since that time we have invested significantly into the grounds, facilities, equipment and staffing to continue creating an amazing experience for campers.

From 2019 through 2022 amidst COVID, required repairs and maintenance, updated equipment, staff changes, increased supply costs and lack of camps, etc., Deer Flat has invested over $400,000 into the Camp.

For 2023 we have had to make the difficult decision to raise the cost of using the facility and meals by approximately 20%. This is the first increase we have made since 2017. It is likely we will have to make annual adjustments for the near future to keep up with real costs. There is also a longer term need to reevaluate what additional improvements and updates will be required at the camp to keep it viable.

As a result, we will be increasing the cost of our summer camps (see below) for 2023. Although we own the camp, we pay the same rate anyone else would. It is very important to note that even with the price increase, the 4 camps that Deer Flat does will likely cost an additional $15,000 from our operation budget. We have tried to keep the cost as low as possible, but the cost to operate the camp, have activities, buses etc. are rising quickly.

We have opened the registrations for Summer Camps and set them up so you can make payments between now and the camp deadlines. You will find all the information below.

If you would like to help keep summer camps and Camp Cascade strong consider:

Camp Information:

MS Camp -Cost is $275 (for students going in to grades 7 or 8)

Dates – June 26th – 30th
Registration deadline – June 21st (Wednesday prior)
Full Refund deadline – June 14th
Registration Link

Jr. Kidz Kamp – Cost is $200 (for kids going in to grades 3 & 4)

Dates – July 5th – 7th
Registration deadline – June 28th (Wednesday prior)
Full Refund deadline – June 21st
Registration Link

Kidz Kamp – Cost is $275 (for kids going in to grades 5 & 6)

Dates – July 10th – 14th
Registration deadline – July 5th (Wednesday prior)
Full Refund deadline – June 28th
Registration Link

HS Camp – Cost $275 (priority for students going in to grades 9, 10, 11 or 12
for graduated seniors they will be able to participate only if there is availability – contact Matt to get your name on a list.)

Dates – July 17th – 21st
Registration deadline – July 12th (Wednesday prior)
Full Refund deadline – July 5th
Registration Link

All camps require a $50 deposit to register, approximately 50% is due by May 1st and the balance is due the Wednesday prior to camp (same day as the registration deadline).