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Many Christians are familiar with the instruction in James 1:27 that believers should engage in caring for orphans. I love to hear the testimonies of the faithful saints who have stepped up to fulfill this call. They live out James 1:27 by adopting children, serving as foster or respite care parents, taking guardianship of their grandchildren, or even supporting organizations committed to these children.

Several years ago, Katy and I thought that God was calling us to adopt through the foster care system but as it worked out, things didn’t go exactly as planned. (Isn’t that often how life works) Through our journey, we didn’t get the chance to expand our family directly, but God birthed something even more amazing. He showed us that we can give to help others step into their calling. Since then, we have been cheerleaders for all that we encounter who have pursued this great mission while at the same time we give monthly to a faith-based organization that helps to offset the costs of adoption. God has allowed us to be a part of this calling in ways that we never dreamed were possible.

This Sunday at 6pm, Deer Flat is hosting a desert reception in the lobby of the church to both celebrate this calling and invite curious minds to better understand what options may be available to them. For the many in our church family who have already stepped into this ministry, our time together will be both refreshing and encouraging to gather around other believers who have walked where you have walked. For those who are intrigued about what God might want to do through you and your family, this time will serve as enlightening and educational. In addition, we have a special guest from the Boise Angels planning to join us to share about their ministry to the foster care community. This is sure to be a great time together and I pray you can join us if this speaks to where you’re currently at or would like to consider. For those interested in attending this Sunday evening, RSVP here –

There is such a need in this area, and I want to encourage you that even if you can’t make this desert reception, you can prayerfully consider ways to partner with God’s heart towards caring for orphans. Here’s just a few ways that you can make an impact:

  • Pray for those considering this mission. Pray for those who are already living out this mission and pray for those organizations that are ministering in this mission.
  • Connect with Foster and Adoption families around you in the church and community. Consider ways to support them with respite care and other loving acts of kindness.
  • Make your views known to our state and federal lawmakers—and be kind as you do it. Tell them that you care about children in foster care and would appreciate them making this issue their focus. Offer solutions or refer them to pending legislation that you think will make a difference. (Nation Council For Adoption’s website is a great resource on policy and legislation.)

There is much work to be done and I thank God that we are a part of such an amazing church that cares about the things that God cares about.


For His glory!
Pastor Ryan