Ryan Stoops   -  

Wow, what a summer we had! In the speed of it all, we look back as a church and remember and reflect upon what God did in our children at VBS and at our two kids camps. We rejoice for the many students who made BIG decisions in their faith at both of our youth camps. And we thank God for the physical and spiritual work that was accomplished by our two mission’s trips to Belize. In addition to these huge events, just this past Sunday God allowed us to baptize 18 people and 3 more chose to make the best decision of their life as they made Jesus King of their life. While these are just a few of the highlights, let’s all stop and pause to give God some more praise because He is worthy. If you’ve been watching or reading the news lately you might have found a thing or two to be discouraged over but fear not friend, God is on the thrown and He’s still doing wonderful things!

This weekend marks the close of one season and the beginning of another. As a nation, we will celebrate the workers and their amazing hard work and accomplishments which have contributed to our country. As a church, this Sunday we want to pause and thank God for some very specific workers who have just started up a new season in our schools (home, private & public). There’s probably not one of us that can’t recall a handful of men and women who forever impacted our life in a meaningful way through their service to education. Whether it was a teacher, school bus driver, administrator, or another role, these heroes noticed us and invested in us. Between things like the impacts of Covid and very demonic influences/ers, our education system has taken a big hit in recent years. But let us remind ourselves that our educators cannot be broad brushed and marked all the same. I’m convinced that we still have many heroes standing in the gap and holding the line to ensure that our children are loved and cared for in a healthy way. I know this because I talk to them every week, Deer Flat Church is filled with these exact superstars. Plan to join me this Sunday as we intercede on the behalf of our children and our educators.

In addition to praying for our educators this Sunday, we will begin a brand-new series, Jesus 1st. Together we will open our Bibles and walk through the book of Colossians on a journey to putting Jesus Christ 1st in every area of our lives. The author of Colossians, Paul, writes this short letter making clear that Jesus is supreme over all creation. I can’t wait to step into this new season with you, it’s going to be life changing and full of great memories. Let’s get ready for God to do a new thing in each of us.


See you Sunday,

Pastor Ryan